Serena Williams flawless as she shares tender moment with baby daughter

After conquering the tennis world she’s loving every minute of motherhood.

And Serena Williams gave fans a glimpse at her blissful life in a Snapchat clip on Wednesday with baby daughter Alexis, who is just six weeks old.

The 36-year-old brunette beauty looked radiant as she cradled her newborn against her chest.




Pics: Heartwarming moment two lions ran over to embrace the woman who raised them when they were newborn cubs

Two lions proved that diamond’s are not a girl’s only friend – during a heartfelt reunion with the woman who raised them after seven years.

The beautifully groomed big cats were filmed running towards the gate of Malkia Zoo in Slovakia the moment they sensed their first owner was near.

In touching scenes, the lions open their paws out and give the woman a really big hug – one lion is captured closing its eyes to enjoy the moment.

The woman almost in tears fully embraces them as they lick her face and play with her hair.

According to reports, the woman gave the cubs to a zoo in Switzerland seven years ago. She couldn’t look after them anymore when they outgrew her.

The heartwarming video comes weeks after a “lion-whisperer” was filmed leaping into a river and playing with wild big cats.

The abandoned lion cubs were lying in a ditch when Kevin Richardson rescued them in South Africa.

He said: “I wanted to give them a little bit more than that quality of life.

“I started pioneering certain things at the park I was working at.

“One of those things was taking the lions out of their enclosures and letting them walk in the greater area of the park amongst the animals.”


Photos: Cristiano Ronaldo makes the day of a disabled mascot with a touching moment

Cristiano Ronaldo made the day of a young mascot in a wheelchair as they lead out Portugal ahead of their Confederations Cup clash with Russia.
The Portugal captain had the young girl grinning from ear to ear as they emerged from the tunnel at the Spartak Stadium in Moscow.
In a touching moment as the players lined up for the national anthems Ronaldo presented the youngster with his warm-up jacket and planted a kiss on her forehead. See more pics below…



Moment woman is attacked by man on bus ‘for wearing mini shorts during Ramadan’

A young woman was attacked on a bus in Istanbul for reportedly wearing a mini shorts during Ramadan.

Disturbing CCTV footage captured on board the bus showed how an attacker struck Melisa Sağlam in the face as he passed her while getting off the vehicle.
The victim jumped out of her seat to confront the man and threw a slap but the man grabbed her by her hair and shoved her before leaving the bus.

Prosecutors in the Turkish city issued an arrest warrant for Ercan Kızıltaş after the university student reported the attack.’

The suspect allegedly told the victim, “are you not ashamed to dress this way during Ramadan ?” before he punched her, the Doğan News Agency reported.

Kızıltaş claimed he was “provoked” as he defended himself, according to BirGün Daily.

Turkish media reports stated Kızıltaş was about to be released after being interviewed by police on Wednesday but was sent to prison when investigators realised he had been convicted of a “tax offence”.He was apparently sent to prison for tax charges for three years and seven months.

Photos: Moment Thai brothel is raided by cops, catch tourists having threesome with hooker

A brothel was raided and two tourists were caught having a threesome with a hooker in a Jaccuzzi.The western men, who have not been identified, were drinking last night at the Rioja club in Pattaya, Thailand.They took the girls in her 20s to a private room and paid about 2,000 baht (£46) for an hour in the hot tub with her.

According to UK Sun, authorities who have recently banned new strip clubs from opening in the city – were raiding bars to root out prostitution.They found 15 sex workers downstairs drinking with customers.

One was upstairs romping on a bed while others were in bubble bath with a “short time” rooms the two western tourists. The pair were drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and one was receiving oral sex from the girl while his pal also joined in at the club in the Banglamung district of the city.




Loved up Kim Kardashian and Kanye West share an intimate moment at friend’s wedding

On Monday, power couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were caught cuddling in an unguarded moment while attending a friend’s wedding in Santa Barbara, California.
The Bound 2 rapper, 40, looked sharp in a suit as held his wife close during the rustic nuptials in the Southern California.

They were joined by their well-behaved daughter North as they took a low-key seat in the last row of chairs.
North, who just turned four, had her hair tightly pulled back into two cute top knots.

It appeared that their eighteen-month-old son Saint didn’t join them and was most likely being watched by her mom Kris Jenner, who posted a shot of the toddler that same day.
The wedding comes after Kim’s whirlwind trip to New York City last week to pre-tape her Tuesday appearance on The View and attend the Forbes Women’s Summit.
On the show, Kim revealed the secret to their marriage is remaining ‘good friends.’


Awkward moment man proposes to his girlfriend at her graduation ceremony and it goes wrong

The awkward moment a man proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a packed university graduation ceremony was caught on camera.

As reported by The Press and Journal, the proposal happened at Aberdeen University’s Elphinstone Hall on Monday, moments after Assel Nurmukhambetova, 22, had formally received her degree and turned to leave the stage.

Her boyfriend Ibragim Tashim,gatecrashed the ceremony running up the steps with a ring and a giant bouquet of red roses.

He then recited Swedish Rn’B singer Maher Zain’s lyrics to For The Rest Of My Life.

Looking up at his girlfriend, Ibragim said:
“For the rest of my life, I’ll be with you and stay by your side honest and true.
“For the rest of my life, I’ll be loving you. With honour and love, I ask: ‘will you marry me?'”

Looking completely expressionless, the young graduate stared back at her suitor as he then gets down on one knee, removes the ring to wear on her finger which she gives reluctantly.

Before walking down the stairs, he leaned in for a kiss only to be met with his partner’s cheek instead.

She then ignores him as they walk down the aisle and makes her way to her seat, refusing to even acknowledge him.

The video was shared on the University’s official Facebook page after the ceremony but later removed.

In spite of her flat response, Assel did eventually say yes.

She told The Press and Journal:
“I was so shocked. I’m naturally a very shy person and was already quite stressed about getting my diploma on stage in front of all these people and then the proposal as well.
“My family is happy for us. Our relatives phoned us straight after the ceremony to congratulate us. I’m so happy. We’re happy to say everything is okay and we’re excited to get planning the wedding.”