South African bodybuilder dies after attempting back-flip

A South African, junior world champion bodybuilder from Umlazi, south of Durban, who had “a bright future ahead of him”, died a tragic death during a bodybuilding event in his hometown, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Friday.

Sifiso Lungelo Thabethe, 23, died on arrival in hospital on Saturday, August 5, after falling during the event at a community hall in D section, Umlazi.

In a video taken at the event, Thabethe can be seen flexing his muscles while the announcer tells the crowd about his achievements.

Dressed only in a black Speedo and socks, he walks on stage and attempts to do what looks like a backward somersault, while the crowd cheers him on.

He somehow lands head first and collapses. After a few seconds, a group of men try to help him when they realise that he isn’t getting up.

“He was rushed to hospital where he died on arrival,” said police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbhele.

An inquest docket was opened at Umlazi police station for investigation, said Mbhele.

According to Body Building South Africa, “Sifiso had a signature backflip” he liked to perform on stage.

“We suspect, because he was wearing socks this time, that he slipped or didn’t get enough momentum and landed horribly on his head,” BBSA national executive president Wayne Price told News24.

The video of Sifiso in his final moments was circulated on social media, however, his family had asked that people desist from sharing it.

Price agreed. “We’re aware of a video of the incident circulating on social media, as is Sifiso’s family, and they’re understandably very upset about that.”

According to Muscle Evolution, a South African bodybuilding magazine, Thabethe was an IFBB Junior World Champion in the up to 75kg category.

The magazine said Thabethe “was described by many as a young man with a bright future”.

WATCH: Sifiso Lungelo Thabethe in action


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Young couple dies in car crash day after their wedding

A young Kansas couple died in a car crash just a day after pledging to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Austin Wesson and Rebekah Bouma, 19-year-olds who fell in love on a Christian mission trip to South Africa six months ago, were married on Friday, though their joy turned to tragedy only hours later.


The lovebirds’ Ford F-150 left a road south of Wichita and smashed into a tree on Saturday evening, the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office told the Daily News.

Wesson was pronounced dead at the scene of the rural road, with Bouma surviving at a local hospital until Monday morning.

Newborn twins left orphaned as mom dies on same day dad is buried

A new mother has died on the same day her boyfriend was being buried. On July 11, 26-year-old Jevaughn Suckoo was found shot and killed in the West Palm Beach apartment complex where he lived with his nearly 2-year-old daughter and pregnant girlfriend, Stephanie Caceres.

Three days later, Caceres gave birth to their twins, Jevaughn Jr. and Lailah.

On Wednesday, she died ,the same day as Suckoo’s funeral. Family said she died from an infection from her C-section.They have bnow left their twins and 2 year old daughter orphaned ,The Palm Beach post reported.

As family and friends mourn the couple, they are also thinking about the futures of their three children.

Their family created a Gofund me page and donations have exceeded the $100k goal set. No arrests have been made over Suckoo’s murder.

French singer Barbara Weldens dies ‘after being electrocuted on stage’

A French folk singer died of a suspected electrocution while performing during a storm in a hilltop church.

Barbara Weldens, 35, was singing at the Festival Léo Ferré in a church in the village of Goudron in the southwest region of Lot, France, last night after apparently suffering heart failure.Emergency workers rushed to the scene but were unable to resuscitate her.


The cause of death is still unknown. But it is believed that she was electrocuted while singing, reports national newspaper Le Monde.

According to Le Depeche, Weldens, who grew up in a circus, had been performing barefoot and had a live recording device on stage.

Cops have launched an investigation into her death but have not elaborated on their line of enquiry.


Deformed girl goes under the knife ‘so her mom would love and take her back, dies on operating table

A teenage girl who was abandoned by her mum after she was born with a deformity died when she underwent plastic surgery in a bid to finally live with her family. Katya Badaeva agreed to undergo surgery to change her appearance after she and her mum were reunited on a reality TV show.

The mum told her orphaned daughter that she would only take her back if she underwent an operation to give her a ‘normal’ face. Katya was desperate to be part of a normal family unit and agreed to undergo several operations, but died on the operating table during the latest procedure.
Police have launched an investigation into her death and a further autopsy is planned, Daily Mirror reports.Katya was raised in an orphanage in Azovsk, Russia, after she was shunned by her mum.

Her mum told popular Russian TV show Pust Govoriat (Let Them Talk) that she lived in a small village and locals would not accept her daughter due to her appearance.Katya’s mum said she was told after giving birth to the girl that she would not live more than a month, so she left her at the orphanage.

Staff at the orphanage tracked down the teen’s mum, named as Nadezhda, and they then appeared on TV together. Katya’s mum reportedly went on to have three healthy boys. After appearing on the programme, Katya underwent several successful surgeries. But she never recovered after the latest surgery in a clinic in Moscow.

Irina Makarova, a spokeswoman for the clinic, said: ‘
“After the surgery was finished Katya suffered a sudden cardiac arrhythmia and her heart stopped beating.
“There were no obvious reasons which could have caused this. Doctors tried to resuscitate her for two and a half hours. The autopsy showed her death was not the doctors’ fault.””I can’t bring my child back. She underwent so many tests before the surgeries, God probably gave her only that much time.”

Farmer dies after pet pig bit off his penis and three fingers

A farmer died after getting in to a fight with his pig and it bit off his penis and three of his fingers.

Miguel Anaya Pablo started fighting with the animal, who lived with him, after coming home from a drunken night out.

The 60-year-old began provoking the creature by jumping up and knocking him over and an aggressive tussle broke out, Metro UK reports.

But it chomped off his manhood before biting three of his fingers off, leaving him lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

Neighbours later found Pablo and called an ambulance, and he was rushed to hospital near his hometown of Tuxtepec, Mexico.

But the cuts and wounds caused by the pig’s bites became infected and he was later pronounced dead.


Founder and Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes who was forced out by scandal dies at 77


Founder and Former Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes who celebrated his 77th birthday on Monday, died this morning at his home in Palm Beach, Florida.

His death was first announced by his wife, Elizabeth Ailes, in a statement on Drudge Report.

‘I am profoundly sad and heartbroken to report that my husband, Roger Ailes, passed away this morning. Roger was a loving husband to me, to his son Zachary, and a loyal friend to many. He was also a patriot, profoundly grateful to live in a country that gave him so much opportunity to work hard, to rise and to give back,” she said in a statement.

Although, the cause of his death is yet to be revealed.

Roger Ailes who was the man behind the transformation of the television news and American politics resigned from his post last July, amid allegations of sexual harassment.