Newspaper executive dies after falling at Chicago hotel

A newspaper executive tragically fell several stories to his death in an apparent accident Monday afternoon in downtown Chicago.

Eric Paul Janssen, who was a vice president for the Sandusky Newspaper Group in Memphis, was reportedly trespassing at the trendy London House Hotel in Chicago during the time of the incident.

The 44-year-old man, who was a fan of urban exploring, was taking photographs without permission when he fell from a 20th floor parapet wall and struck a sixth-floor rooftop below around 3.30pm,CBS Chicagoreported.

Janssen, who was visiting for an architectural tour that promised ‘behind-the-scenes access’ to hundreds of buildings, was taking photos on the ledge of the hotel.

A friend who was with Janssen at the time of the accident said he was not staying at the hotel, but had just been at the top floor lounge when he stepped away briefly to take some photos, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The medical examiner said Janssen suffered numerous injuries and ruled his death an accident.

According to Daily Mail,for his last Instagram post shared Monday, Janssen shared a striking photo inside of Barr Funeral Home.

He captioned it, ‘Birth. School. Work. Death.’

Child dies after her 325-pound cousin sits on her as punishment, police reports

A little girl in Florida has died after her 325-pound cousin sat on her as punishment, even as the child complained she couldn’t breathe.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office said 9-year-old Dericka Lindsay was pronounced dead on Saturday afternoon after officers received a cardiac arrest call at a Pensacola home.
When police responded, they found Dericka unresponsive.

The little girl’s cousin, 64-year-old Veronica Green Posey, told police she had sat on Dericka “for being out of control.”NY Daily reports

According to the arrest report, the child said she could not breathe and after standing up Posey noticed Dericka was unresponsive. Posey said she called 911 and then started CPR. She later told deputies she weighed 325 pounds.

Posey was arrested and charged with homicide and cruelty toward a child.

Police also arrested 69-year-old Grace Joan Smith and 62-year-old James Edmund Smith, Dericka’s parents. They were charged with child neglect for failing to report the abuse.

Dericka’s mother told police she called Posey, her niece, over to her house Saturday afternoon to help discipline the girl.

She said Posey allegedly struck Dericka with a metal pipe and a ruler before sitting on the child.

Indonesian goalkeeper dies after collision with team-mate

Indonesian Goalkeeper, Choirul Huda has lost his life, during an on-field collision with a team-mate.
The 38-year-old, collided with defender Ramon Rodrigues towards the end of the first half against Semen Padang.

Huda was declared dead at 5pm local time, surrounded by the Persela squad who were with him at the hospital.
According to Persela head coach Aji Santoso he stated:”All of the players finished the game and went to the hospital, where it was announced that Choirul Huda had died.
The loss of Choirul Huda has hit us all hard. We did not have time to a see a doctor, only to see his body.”

According to Reuters Dr Zaki Mubarok, of the Lamongan General Hospital, said: ‘He was just brought to the hospital still breathing, but he was lifeless at around 17:00.
‘Through our analysis, it was due to collision in the head and neck.’

2-year-old dies after being ripped from mother’s arms during hurricane Irma

A 2-year-old child was killed in Hurricane Irma after bring ripped from a relative’s arms by the vicious winds, it has emerged.

Eli Fuller, who runs a boat business on Antigua, broke down in tears as he shared a harrowing account of his visit to help his neighbours on Barbuda.

Posting a video update on Facebook, Eli said:

“One of the first people we talked to was this poor lady.””She came down to the dock, she was all wrapped up in a bandage, all over her face.
“Her face has been busted in…she says, ‘I was the lady who lost the child.’

“Then she said it wasn’t her child… Her roof blew off her house….[breaks down in tears]
“I didn’t think i was going to be upset.”Eli then composed himself before continuing the sad tale: “I’ll try this again.
“I have a 5-year-old so it’s kind of – listening to somebody talk about a child being pulled out of their home..
“She had her arm around a post after the roof blew off, and the walls caving in, and she had her other arm around the child… and she says, the wind just pulled the child out of her hands.
“And that was the last they saw of the child.
“Then they found the child the next morning… dead.
“That was the fatality.”

Student dies after drinking half a bottle of Jack Daniels on her 21st birthday

A fashion student died on her 21st birthday after drinking half a bottle of Jack Daniels and choking on her own vomit in a Thai restaurant.
Narinthorn Alexander was found unconscious in the toilet of Thai Tho in Soho, central London, after telling friends she was not feeling well.
She later suffered a cardiac arrest and was in a coma for six days before her life machine support was turned off.
An inquest into her death found that none of the staff at the Thai restaurant could perform first aid and the student did not receive any until police officers arrived on the scene, reports the Evening Standard.
However, coroner Mary Hassell ruled that the amount of Jack Daniels she had consumed played a significant role in her death.
She said: ‘What underlies all of this is alcohol, I’m afraid.’

Miss Alexander, who was born in Thailand, was studying at the University of West London.

She turned 21 on March 9 and celebrated her birthday with her boyfriend and six other friends later that week.
Friends told the inquest that they saw nothing wrong with the fashion student and that she was enjoying herself.
A close friend said: ‘When the food did arrive she did have a tiny bit to eat. She was starting to feel a bit tipsy.
‘It got to the point where she came over and whispered in my ear and said, ”I’m going to the toilet, I will be right back”.
The friend later revealed the moment Miss Alexander was found in the toilet.
She said: ‘She was not responding at all — I had never seen her like that. Her friend was holding her head up… I was shaking her.’
After starting chest compressions paramedics inspected Miss Alexander’s airwaves and found that ‘quite large chunks of chicken’ were causing a ‘significant airways obstruction.’
Narinthorn Alexander’s cause of death was given as a hypoxic brain injury and cardiac arrest, asphyxiation vomitus and alcohol toxicity.


South African bodybuilder dies after attempting back-flip

A South African, junior world champion bodybuilder from Umlazi, south of Durban, who had “a bright future ahead of him”, died a tragic death during a bodybuilding event in his hometown, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Friday.

Sifiso Lungelo Thabethe, 23, died on arrival in hospital on Saturday, August 5, after falling during the event at a community hall in D section, Umlazi.

In a video taken at the event, Thabethe can be seen flexing his muscles while the announcer tells the crowd about his achievements.

Dressed only in a black Speedo and socks, he walks on stage and attempts to do what looks like a backward somersault, while the crowd cheers him on.

He somehow lands head first and collapses. After a few seconds, a group of men try to help him when they realise that he isn’t getting up.

“He was rushed to hospital where he died on arrival,” said police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbhele.

An inquest docket was opened at Umlazi police station for investigation, said Mbhele.

According to Body Building South Africa, “Sifiso had a signature backflip” he liked to perform on stage.

“We suspect, because he was wearing socks this time, that he slipped or didn’t get enough momentum and landed horribly on his head,” BBSA national executive president Wayne Price told News24.

The video of Sifiso in his final moments was circulated on social media, however, his family had asked that people desist from sharing it.

Price agreed. “We’re aware of a video of the incident circulating on social media, as is Sifiso’s family, and they’re understandably very upset about that.”

According to Muscle Evolution, a South African bodybuilding magazine, Thabethe was an IFBB Junior World Champion in the up to 75kg category.

The magazine said Thabethe “was described by many as a young man with a bright future”.

WATCH: Sifiso Lungelo Thabethe in action


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Young couple dies in car crash day after their wedding

A young Kansas couple died in a car crash just a day after pledging to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Austin Wesson and Rebekah Bouma, 19-year-olds who fell in love on a Christian mission trip to South Africa six months ago, were married on Friday, though their joy turned to tragedy only hours later.


The lovebirds’ Ford F-150 left a road south of Wichita and smashed into a tree on Saturday evening, the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office told the Daily News.

Wesson was pronounced dead at the scene of the rural road, with Bouma surviving at a local hospital until Monday morning.