Muslims lend Christians hijab to escape death by ISIS in Philippines

Muslims are lending terrified Christians hijab veils to help them disguise themselves from ISIS terrorists as they try to escape their clutches.

This happened in the besieged city of Marawi in the Philippines where there are around 1,500 people trapped by the militants.

The head of the psychosocial therapy team, Dr Gioia Ancheta, said:

“Some of the stories that stuck were Muslims helping protect Christian workers by letting them borrow a hijab.”
Marawi was stormed by militants around three weeks ago in an operation which left 290 people died including 26 innocent civilians.

Chris Cornell’s death is being investigated as possible suicide

Detroit police say the death of rocker Chris Cornell, the lead singer of the bands Soundgarden and later Audioslave, is being investigated as a possible suicide.

Police spokesman Michael Woody told The Associated Press on Thursday morning that he can’t provide details on what led investigators to make that determination, but noted there were “basic things observed at the scene.”

Woody says Cornell died at the MGM Grand Detroit hotel. He says Cornell’s wife called a family friend and asked him to check on Cornell. Woody says the friend forced open a hotel room door and found Cornell on the bathroom floor.



TMZ is reporting that when the family friend forced his way into Cornell’s room, he found him with a band around his neck. There was reportedly no blood at the scene and police suspect it’s suicide.
“When the units arrived they were met by a gentleman who indicated that Chris Cornell had been found in his room,” he said.

“When officers went to the room they found Chris Cornell laying in his bathroom, unresponsive and he had passed away. We are investigating it as a possible suicide but we need to wait on the medical examiner to determine the cause and manner of death.”

The 52-year-old Cornell was on tour and performed on Wednesday night in Detroit with Soundgarden.

The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office will make an official determination about the cause of death.

United Airlines pay five-figure compensation to rabbit breeder whose giant bunny froze to death

The owner of a giant rabbit has received a five-figure compensation pay out after her giant bunny froze to death on its way to America.
Simon, a three foot long and black-furred bunny, was expected to outgrow his enormous father to become the largest rabbit in the world.

The prize animal was alive when he was taken off the plane from London’s Heathrow airport but died at a holding facility at Chicago O’Hare Airport.
An airport worker revealed that the pet was placed in frosty temperatures by mistake for up to 16 hours, causing it to freeze to death last Wednesday.
Now, former Playboy model and bunny breeder Annette Edwards, has been awarded an undisclosed cash sum on the condition she does discuss the case.

Chilling moment dad-of-23 kids & lover staged the death of their tortured 16-week-old baby

This is the chilling moment a dad-of-23 gave a thumbs up to his lover before she staged a “devious” plot to cover up their 16-week-old baby’s death after she had been “tortured” for hours.

Vile Rosalin Baker, 25 and her partner Jeffrey Wiltshire, 52, have been convicted of causing or allowing baby Imani Wiltshire’s death but cleared of murder.

According to Daily Sun, the jobless couple hatched a “devious” plot to stage the tot’s death in a bid to cover up the horrific “torture” she had suffered.

Tragic Imani was found to have multiple injuries – including 40 rib fractures, a broken wrist and fractured skull.

Her wounds were caused by twisting or pulling her arm, squeezing her chest and throwing her against a hard surface, the Old Bailey heard.

CCTV showed brazen dad-of-23 Wiltshire kissing Baker and giving her a thumbs up as she boarded the bus to Stratford, east London, with Imani’s lifeless body strapped to her chest.

During the journey, Baker sat texting for around 20 minutes remaining “cold and calm” as frantic passengers tried saving her daughter’s life when she raised the alarm.
But Imani, who was born prematurely, was already dead after being subjected to at least three severe attacks and flung on the floor, jurors heard.

In a chilling 999 call released by police, one witness can be heard telling the operator the tot wasn’t breathing not knowing the child had been dead for hours.

Call records later showed Baker sent her sister a text message which read “Imani is dead sis x”.
She claimed Wiltshire had caused the child’s catastrophic injuries before forcing her to get on the bus in a bid to frame her.

But Wiltshire denied ever being violent to towards any of his 25 children – two of whom have died – or the 18 women who gave birth to them and said he had no idea how Imani had been killed.
The former rapper insisted: “I’m not a life taker, I’m a baby maker.”

A jury of eight woman and three men today acquitted the pair of murder after 14 hours and 28 minutes of deliberations, but found them guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child.

In court, she blamed her boyfriend for Imani’s death, telling jurors he had also undressed the dead baby, changed her nappy and put her in new clothes.

They then hatched a ruse to cover up the tot’s death by pretending she had fallen ill on the bus.
As frantic passengers attempted CPR, they noted Imani’s lips were already cold – and that Baker was sat emotionless on the phone the whole time.

After she was taken to hospital, medics discovered the tragic baby was cold to the touch and that onset of Rigor Mortis had begun.

Dog owner mauled to death by his pet dog ‘in front of BBC TV crew

A dog owner mauled to death by his Staffie was being interviewed by the BBC at the time. The 41-year-old man died after being bitten on the neck at his home in Wood Green, North London, police said.

A BBC spokesman told Sky:

“We are aware of an incident but we cannot comment any further as it’s an ongoing investigation.”
The victim’s cause of death was recorded as hypovolemic shock and damage to the airway consistent with a dog bite after a post-mortem.

Police were called to the house at 10:25pm last Monday but the man was pronounced dead at hospital in the early hours of the following day. The dog was seized by officers and remains in secure kennels.

Father charged after allegedly stabbing his 2-year old and 4-day- old daughters to death


A North Carolina father has been charged with the murders of his two daughters a newborn and a toddler after driving into the woods with them in a jealous rage Friday, officials said.

Tillman Freeman, 30, of Fayetteville, had a growing obsession that his wife was cheating on him. So on Friday, he drove their two young children,4-day-old Genesis Freeman and her 2-year-old sister, Serenity, to a secluded spot in the woods in Hoke County and stabbed them to death, authorities said.

According to the Fayetteville Observer. the girls were found around 2 a.m. Saturday and were fatally stabbed with what appeared to be hunting knife, he said.
Tillman Freeman accused his wife, Candice Freeman, of cheating and claimed the girls weren’t his.

Law enforcement officials told the newspaper that Candice had a doctor’s appointment at Cape Fear Medical Center Friday morning and had left the girls with their father.
When she returned home, the girls and her husband were gone. Tillman told Candice he had dropped their children off at someone’s home, according to the Observer.

The frantic mother then immediately called the police to report her daughters missing. Officials searched the area and knocked on doors, but the three were nowhere to be found. After searching tirelessly for hours, police made the grisly discovery Saturday morning in Hoke County.

Marvina Smith, the girls’ aunt, told WTVD-TV that Candice attempted suicide after learning her daughters were murdered.

“I want [Tillman] to suffer,” Smith told the TV station. “The way those kids suffered. I want him to suffer.”

Photos: Construction worker cheats death after being impaled by a 5ft long steel rod in the head

A construction worker in China has miraculously survived after a steel rod speared through his head when he was at work.

The 41-year-old man was impaled last month by the metal stick, which measured five feet (1.5 metres) in length and 1.2 inches (three centimetres) in diametre, reported the People’s Daily Online.

Doctors from Chongqing managed to remove the rod and saved the man after a four-hour-long surgical operation.

According to the report, the accident occurred in Chongqing on February 27 when the worker, known as Wang Long (not his real name), tried to loosen up a concrete slab during work. He was taken to the city’s Southwest Hospital immediately.

Liu Minghua, the assistant chief at the Accidents and Emergency Department, called his team to plan an operation. However, they failed to give Wang a CT scan as the steel rod was too long to pass through the machine.

The doctors decided to call the fire department and asked the firefighters to cut the rod so that the patient could undergo the scan. Apparently, it took a bit of an effort for the firefighters to shorten the rod.

At first, they tried to use a hydraulic cutter, but the metal rod was too thick to cut through. Then the doctors suggested the firefighters get an acetylene cutting torch. The firefighters feared the metal could heat up too quickly and end up hurting Wang’s neck.

To resolve the issue, medical workers used ice packs and ice water to cool down the rod as the others cut it down.

The rod was eventually shortened to 21 inches.

Dr Liu said the steel rod had caused compression on Wang’s airway and the man needed an emergency operation to have the rod removed.

Professor Xiang Qiang and assistant professor Chen Xiangyu, both of whom were involved in the operation, told the reporters that the rod had made it difficult for them to put an oxygen mask or a breathing tube on Wang.

As a result, they had to tilt and held his head midair until the surgery was over.

Doctors said the rod had gone into Wang’s fourth cervical vertebra as well as his thyroid cartilage area and poked out from his lower occipital bone.

‘There is a hole in Wang’s internal jugular vein and the rod has spiked his maxillary artery. We did a 3,000ml blood transfusion in the four-hour-long surgery,’ explained Professor Xiang.

He said Wang could have died if the rod had been lodged 0.8 inches (two centimetres) higher, which means it would have pierced through his head.

Wang has passed the critical stage and the man is now in recovery, said the report.