Kourtney Kardashian shares cheeky photo of derriere


The star, 38, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a cheeky photo of herself sunbathing on a balcony, with her pert behind and flat stomach on full show.
‘tip of the day: don’t forget to stretch,’ she captioned the photo.

Relaxing in the sunshine, Kourtney’s raven black locks were slicked back over her head as she rocked a ripped crop top and gold bikini bottoms.
The reality star rocked a large pair of sunglasses and a bracelet as she topped up her tan.






Photo: Checkout Mampi’s cheeky new hairstlye?


Zambian pop sensation Mampi took to her Facebook page to flaunt her new cheeky hairstlye. The R&B singer  also known as “Thunder Thighs” during her stay in Big Brother Africa, on account of the revealing shorts she always donned with easy does, maintain gorgeous hairstlyes.

Cheeky! Paris Jackson shows off her booty in black Calvin Klein underwear

Pop legend Micheal Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson,  was up to her old tricks again as she posted a racy shot of a woman showing off her booty in black Calvin Klein underwear on Tuesday.
The model, 19, opted for a cheeky angle that displayed quite a bit of a toned derriere, although it’s not clear if the woman in the image was Paris or her or her lookalike friend, Lea Little.



Lying on the bed, the friends appear to be in a hotel room in the cheeky social media snap.
The woman in the image – either Paris or Lea – paired the undergarments with a loose pink T-shirt with tiny holes in the top.



Cheeky Lindsay Lohan slips into fuzzy pink bikini as she poses for Italian magazine

The 30-year-old redhead made the bold move for ODDA magazine, which is celebrating its 12th issue and 5th anniversary.
The Mean Girls actress wore several different outfits for the individual and edgy shoot which was done in Milan this year.

In another shot with the same outfit the Mean Girls scene where they perform Jingle Bell Rock can be seen playing in the background.
In a more casual shot the actress was seen on a tube in Milan wearing a blue and white hoodie that had the words: ‘Champion USA’ written across it.