Eniko Parrish Hart shows off baby bump in lovely maternity shoot

Eniko Parrish‘s bun is almost done!
The pregnant wife of Kevin Hart — who is expecting the couple’s first child together, a son they plan to name Kenzo — shared a new photo to Instagram Wednesday from her recent maternity photo shoot.

Posing in front of a portrait of Eddie Murphy and surrounded by two dogs, the 33-year-old showed off her growing baby belly in a navy tank top and matching leggings. See more pics below…

Serena Williams flawless as she shares tender moment with baby daughter

After conquering the tennis world she’s loving every minute of motherhood.

And Serena Williams gave fans a glimpse at her blissful life in a Snapchat clip on Wednesday with baby daughter Alexis, who is just six weeks old.

The 36-year-old brunette beauty looked radiant as she cradled her newborn against her chest.




Khloe Kardashian finally pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s baby

It”s baby season for the Kardashian clan as Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s baby.
The reality star, 33, is said to be ‘four months along’ with the 26-year-old basketball player’s second child. Multiple sources have confirmed the happy news to UsWeekly, People and TMZ.

Khloe’s reported pregnancy makes her the third member of the Kardashian-Jenner family to be expecting a child; younger sister Kylie Jenner, 20, is said to be expecting rapper Travis Scott’s baby.
Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian, 36, and rapper husband Kanye West, 40, are said to be expecting a baby girl via surrogate in January.

Pregnant doctor goes into labor three weeks early while delivering her patient’s baby

According to ABC News, Emily Jacobs, 28, unexpectedly went into early labour while delivering another woman’s child. Emily an OB-GYN resident at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, welcomed a baby boy, Jett Jacobs.

Speaking with ABC News, Jacobs said she assumed the amniotic fluid she noticed during the delivery was that of the patient.

She said,
“I noticed what I thought was amniotic fluid of the patient as the baby was delivering.

“It wasn’t until I left the room when I realized that it was my water that had broken.


“I was freaking out a little bit because we were still seeing patients and [my supervisor] just kind of smiled and told me to go back in one of the triage rooms and wait for her to confirm that it was my water.”

Keely Ulmer, Jacobs’ colleague,said:
“I happened to be on Labour and Delivery, so it was a pretty special experience to share with a special classmate.

“She did a wonderful job and her husband was very supportive. I am grateful to be part of the experience.”

A first-time mom, Jacobs believes her unique birth story has made her a better doctor who is “more understanding” of her expectant patients, she said.

“It’s definitely made me more empathetic and more aware of what it’s like going through some pregnancy complications.


“People will come in [who are] in preterm labour often … very worried about the health of their baby and health of themselves. Until [I went] through it, I can definitely appreciate just how worried and nervous you get.”

The baby is now 7-weeks-old, at home and doing well, the report has said.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ‘spend nearly $2m on round-the-clock security detail’ for surrogate

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have hired a nearly $2 million round-the-clock security to guard the surrogate mother of their unborn third child.

The Sun Online reveals the superstar couple have moved the woman into a new home in the suburbs of LA and have provided state-of-the-art security equipment.

An insider said:
“Kim and Kanye have rented a place about an hour outside LA in a very nondescript suburb in a middle-class neighbourhood for their surrogate.
“I mean, this is the last place you would think to find the surrogate for one of the richest families in Hollywood.

“It’s a nice house, actually, split level, and Kanye has cameras put in everywhere in the house and outside too for safety and security – these are state of the art.”

The woman will also be surrounded by security staff and even has her own driver to ensure she isn’t hassled while out and about.They have rented four different cars, and the surrogate has a driver.

“So with the rent on the house, expenses for the security staff and their wages – that’s around $1.5million for the surrogate’s safety.
“But of course, it’s worth it – they want the best for her and their unborn baby.”

Blac Chyna shares adorable photos of baby daughter Dream Kardashian

Blac Chyna cannot stop sharing photos of her adorable daughter Dream. And the reality star was at it again on Monday when she took to Snapchat to share photos of a giggling Dream Kardashian. See MOE pics below…

Anti-abortion lawyers want to force 12-year-old rape victim to have her rapist’s baby

Two lawyers wants a 12-year-old rape victim to have the child of the man who raped her.

Lorie Mullins and Win Johnson, both lawyers and both firmly anti-abortion, are fighting against an Alabama court’s decision to allow a 12-year-old girl to have abortion without parental consent after she was raped and impregnated by a relative.

Mullins said the girl has been ‘put in the position of being the perpetrator of this newest violence’.

She added: ‘The courts, the law has decided that she’s not old enough, wise enough and mature enough to make her own decision about whether or not she wants to drink, to buy a pack of cigarettes to drive a car … They have now put this decision, this responsibility, in her hands.’

Mullins has not worked with or even met the unnamed victim she is talking about here.

The 12-year-old girl’s petition to be allowed an abortion come from her wish not to communicate with her mother, who the court heard has allegedly been neglectful and abusive towards the child.

Johnson said of the decision: ‘The court of civil appeals issued an opinion… to decide that [the victim] was mature enough to murder her own child in her womb.’

The lawyer has spoken out against court decisions before, saying of the US Supreme Court’s decision to legalise gay marriage in 2015: ‘Public officials are ministers of God assigned the duty of punishing the wicked and protecting the righteous.’


Model ‘forced to strip’ in front of prisoners and filmed in Colombian police station
The girl reportedly told the court that she did not want to have the child because she was scared.

The court decided that she did not require parental consent to have the abortion because she had been removed from her mother’s care five times, and because she had no family support.