Political activist arrested for calling Mugabe `dead man walking’

A Zimbabwean activist, Mr Sten Zvorwadza, has been arrested after calling 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe “a dead man walking”.

Lawyers said on Wednesday that the arrest was the latest case of authorities cracking down on dissent.
Zvorwadza, the leader of a street vendor’s union, was charged with insulting or undermining the president in a press interview where he was also quoted as saying that Mugabe was “old” and “day-dreaming”.

Mr Zvorwadza is a prominent anti-Mugabe campaigner who has led several demonstrations calling on the veteran leader to step down.

Zimbabwe’s worsening economy has seen many people resorting to informal street vending due to massive unemployment.

Mr Zvorwadza is yet to appear in court, the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) group said.

Authorities have often arrested critics of President Mugabe, who has ruled since 1980.

In March, two journalists were arrested over a report that the president, who travels abroad for regular medical treatment, was “in bad shape”.

A pastor was also detained after prophesying that President Mugabe would die on October 17 this year.

Last week police arrested a journalist who reported that President Mugabe’s wife Grace had donated second-hand underwear to supporters.

Despite his advanced age and weakening health, President Mugabe’s ruling Zanu-PF party has endorsed him as its candidate for the 2018 General Election.

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Photos: Hurricane Irma looters caught on camera arrested

At least 19 people have been arrested across Florida for trying to loot empty businesses and homes that have been evacuated in preparation for Hurricane Irma.
Two people burst into an Orlando sporting store and allegedly stole guns, before facing off with SWAT in a standoff.

Shocking videos also emerged of gangs trying to break into stores and take advantage of deserted properties.
Police were called to the scene after witnesses reported a burglary at Academy Sports near the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, WESH reported.
Soon afterward, SWAT team officers arrived when it became clear the looters were allegedly trying to steal guns.

At least one person surrendered while another barricaded himself in the store and refused, according to WFTV.
SWAT officers reportedly used gas to subdue at least one suspect.
Soon afterward, Orlando Police released a statement announcing that officers took two suspects into custody and that the event was ‘peacefully resolved’.
A local utilities company near Orlando is reporting that a number of residents have made disturbing complaints that people posing as utility workers are robbing homeowners at gun point, according to WOFL-TV.
Earlier on Sunday, two groups of looters were caught on camera ransacking two separate sporting goods stores in hurricane-hit South Florida as one alleged looter was shot and at least 12 are arrested, local media reported.
A Broward County sheriff’s deputy shot a teenager and arrested another after they are alleged to have tried to break in to a home in the affluent Fort Lauderdale suburb of Weston at around 3:00am Saturday, NBC 6 TV reported.

Randy couple arrested for engaging in oral sxx at the beach in front of families and children

A couple was arrested on Sunday for getting frisky on a Clearwater beach, according to an arrest affidavit filed by Clearwater Police Department officers on the scene and obtained by the Smoking Gun.

According to the document, Jeffrey Joseph Kernan,50 was arrested for performing oral sex on girlfriend Alexandria Rowell “in front of families and children.” The arrest occurred at around 5 p.m.


The arrest affidavit states that Kernan, 50, had a 16-Oz. Four Loko on him when the incident occurred.

Both were taken into police custody and charged with misdemeanor possession of an open container, but were not charged with any indecent exposure. They were taken to Pinellas County Jail.

Kernan was released after paying $250 bond.

Public records on Roswell could not be found.

Mother arrested for allowing 12-year-old daughter to get tattoo

Mother to a 12-year old has been arrested and charged for allowing the child get a tattoo. The child’s fifth-grade teacher at Arnco Sargent Elementary in Newnan, Georgia, discovered the student with a tattoo that reads, “Jesus loves” on her right shoulder. The case was eventually reported after another fifth-grade teacher saw the tattoo on the student’s shoulder on a day she wore a strapless outfit to school.

According to the teacher, the tattoo is “bluish green with Jesus written above the cross and loves written below.”

The girl upon being interrogated first claimed her father made her get the tattoo. She however, later changed her story saying she wanted it and getting it had nothing to do with her father.

The girl’s mother, 35-year-old Emma Nolan, stated that the girl no longer sees her father and that she had no knowledge about the father letting her get a tattoo.

Nolan and the tattoo artist Brenda Gaddy were later booked into the Coweta County Jail for tattooing the body of any person under the age of 18.

Father arrested for throwing 1-month-old son into ceiling to stop his crying

A 1-month-old baby in Oklahoma is in critical condition after police say the newborn’s father brutally beat him for crying.

Robert Jackson Jones Jr. was arrested and charged with child abuse after he allegedly told Muskogee police that he choked, slammed and tried to smother his son.

According to the Tulsa World, the baby’s mother Emma Whitehead told authorities that she and Jones took their child to the emergency room on Sunday when the baby started having seizures.


At the hospital, Whitefield was told horrifying details of her son’s condition.

Medical personnel determined that the infant, named Calvin, had two skull fractures, a pool of blood around his brain and fingerprint bruises on both sides of his neck.

The newborn also had a bruised left eye and a bruise on his left ear.

Jones allegedly confessed to causing the baby’s injuries, telling police that he picked Calvin up by his throat and shook him, before covering the baby with cushions and towels because he wouldn’t stop crying.

4 Arrested in Mumbai for leaking Game Of Thrones latest episode

4 people residing in India has been arrested for leaking an episode from HBO’s “Game of Thrones” television series before it was aired in the country, police said Monday.

After receiving a complaint for a company “we investigated the case and have arrested four individuals for unauthorised publication of the fourth episode from season seven,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Akbar Pathan told AFP.

Pathan said the four were accused of criminal breach of trust and computer-related offences — would be detained until August 21 amid an investigation.

John Fashanu arrested in Nigeria over alleged land scam


John Fashanu was arrested over an alleged dodgy land deal, it has been revealed.

The former football star spent two days locked up as officers investigated claims he acted as a fixer in a scam to sell plots that were not for sale.

He was arrested at his home on the Sun City Estate, in the capital Abuja, and taken in on suspicion of “criminal conspiracy”, Police said.

According to a report by Daily Mirror,It is alleged that earlier this year,Fashanu acted for a friend looking to buy land.The pal claims he was told by Fashanu, 54, of two contacts who would help with buying “forgotten lands” – plots owned by chiefs that the state were unaware of.

He was allegedly given £23,000 in cash to fix the deal with his “boys”. But when the new “owner” went to claim his land, it is alleged he found it not for sale and not in the hands of local chiefs.

He was taken before a superintendent last week to explain himself before being left in a packed pen, police sources said.

Officers are now looking for the other two men said to be involved. It is believed they are still in Nigeria.

Fashanu has agreed to pay the money back, although he denies wrongdoing.A source close to the former Gladiators presenter said last night:
“This is a business deal between friends that has gone south and the police were asked to basically mediate.It will all be sorted very quickly. It was just a business deal.”

It is understood Fashanu was released after surrendering his British passport and agreeing to pay back a first instalment of the money.

Sources said he looked to sell some of his cars to raise the cash as he waited for funds from his numerous business interests to clear in his bank account.

The London-born celebrity’s Nigerian barrister Hyp Egbune confirmed he had this week paid a second instalment of the money owed.