Taylor Swift appears totally nude in…Ready For It video?

Taylor Swift has never been the type of singer to gratuitously show off her body like so many young singers do.

But the 27-year-old Grammy winner seems to be taking a few new risk these days.

In a sneak peek for her new music video for …Ready For It? that was shared on her Instagram account on Monday, the blonde siren appears totally naked as she plays the part of a sexy nude robot.


Scott Disick appears to confirm Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy

Scott Disick, has opened up about Khloe Kardashian ‘pregnancy’, insisting that despite his split with her sister Kourtney, he’ll be there for her every step of the way.


Asked if he’s got any parenting word of wisdom for Khloe, Scott,told E

“I don’t really need to give advice per se because, we are right there. It’s not like long-distance, ‘hey, maybe you should try this?’ Everybody so hands-on that I feel like it will happen within time.”

No more pals! Rihanna and Katy Perry’s friendship appears to be fizzling out

She famously fell out with Taylor Swift and now poor Katy Perry’s friendship with her showbiz bestie Rihanna has become a tad frosty too. The ladies have not been seen together for more than a year and have gone to extreme lengths to avoid each other at recent showbiz events.

Tellingly, Katy was absent from Rihanna’s Los Angeles Diamond Ball charity bash this week . And on the red carpet Rihanna made an astonishing dig at the woman she once described as “one of my best friends in the industry”.

When asked if she would join Katy on the new American Idol panel , she looked unimpressed before sniping: “I don’t know, it depends on how bored I am.”

Whispers about their apparent fall-out started going round when Katy was the only big name absent from Rihanna’s MET Gala Afterparty.

The Firework singer then spent Coachella fretting with pals about how her close friend seemed to be freezing her out. They spent the festival apart, with Rihanna snubbing Katy’s shoe launch.

A source said: “They didn’t have a big bust-up over one specific thing, but over time their friendship has gone from being one of the strongest to practically nonexistent. Katy was pretty gutted about it…co.uk







‘Revenge doesn’t suit you’ – Taylor Swift slammed as she appears to ‘mock Kim Kardashian Paris robbery

Taylor Swift’s latest offering has caused a huge stir, as she appears to take a swipe at a string of celebrities, including her ex beau Tom Hiddleston, rival Katy Perry and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

The singer, 27, however, has faced a backlash from fans, as one scene in the video appears to poke fun at the moment Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris last year.

The reality star had been left ‘badly shaken’ after thieves broke into her apartment in the French capital and held at her gunpoint. They stole jewellery worth thousands, including an engagement ring thought to be worth £3.5million.

However, others were quick to jump to Taylor’s defence and insisted the scene was in reference to a comment she had previously made about herself. The video indulges the theme that Taylor wants to ‘kill her public image’ and pokes fun at her critics and the ‘reputation’ she has built in the media.
Speaking in a previous interview, Taylor referenced the different personas she is believed to have – especially when it comes to dating and her high profile relationships that have seen her romance Harry Styles and Calvin Harris.



Photo: Pig appears to be smiling while being rescued from floodwaters

A picture appearing to show a pig smiling while being rescued from a flooded town in China has become viral.
The image, reportedly taken in Yibin County, Sichuan Province, shows the animal seemingly feeling happy as two people tried to carry it to a safe place.
A heavy storm battered the majority of the province from yesterday, and residents were evacuated after the water levels started to rise.
The picture (above), which appears to show a pig smiling while being dragged in floodwaters during excavation, has become viral on Chinese social media.

The picture first appeared yesterday on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, posted by a user, whose screen name is ‘hou sheng’.
In the picture, two men, dressed in green uniforms, each held an ear and a front leg of the pig as they dragged it in floodwaters.
According to various reports from major Chinese media, including Sina.com, Huanqiu.com and Btime.com, the residents were trying to remove goods and livestock from the town of Hengjiang after a heavy storm
After the picture became popular, thousands of people have left comments on Weibo to give their own interpretations of the amusing scene.
Many wondered how the pig could be happy when it might end up being eaten.
Others compared the picture to the news from Britain earlier this week about a litter of piglets saved from a burning barn ending up being made into sausages by their owners as a thank-you to the firemen.