ISIS’ ‘white widow’ Sally Jones ,12 year old son killed in airstrike

The British member of Islamic State Sally Jones is believed to have been killed, along with her 12-year-old son Jojo, in a US airstrike.

Jones, dubbed “the white widow” was a regular propagandist on social media. She had more than 20 handles on Twitter but there has been no activity from her in recent months.

The Sun reported that the CIA had told its UK counterparts Jones was killed by a Predator drone strike near the Syria-Iraq border in June.

It added she had last been seen fleeing from Raqqa and heading for the Syrian border town of Mayadin.


Former punk musician Jones, who was born in Kent, fled for Syria with her husband and joined ISIS .


Their young son Joe has been used in the terror group’s propaganda videos and she was believed to be head of the women’s section of one of its batallions.

Heartbreaking images of 5 year old boy injured in Syrian airstrike

A heartbreaking photo of this dazed and bloodied little boy in the back of an ambulance after surviving an airstrike in Syrian city of Aleppo has become a symbol of the horror of the country’s civil war.



Five-year-old Omran Daqneesh was one of five children injured during a military strike yesterday.
The moving image shows him covered head-to-toe with dust and staring long into the distance.


Footage shows him eventually discovering he is bleeding as he tries to wipe the dust from his face, but he continues to patiently wait for medics to treat him.