Well-wishers raise over £30,000 for Manchester bomb hero homeless man who cradled dying woman

Over £30,000 has been raised for the “homeless hero” who tended to injured and dying victims of the Manchester atrocity.

Generous well-wishers pledged the sum to help rough-sleeper Chris Parker, 33, smashing a £1,000 target. Brave Chris had told how he comforted a dying woman in the chaotic aftermath of Monday night’s suicide bombing, which killed 22.

He was sat in the foyer of the Manchester Arena of the night of the doomed Ariana Grande gig when a suicide bomb was detonated by evil British-born killer Salman Adebi.

Seeing bodies strewn across the floor, he cradled a dying woman and wrapped a bloodied child in merchandise T-shirts.

Chris’ story of heroism inspired the GoFundMe page to spring up within hours, which will go towards helping him off the streets.

The fundraising success, which stands at over £34,000, comes as touching family snaps give a glimpse into Chris’ past.

Jessica said she was stunned to see tales of her son’s bravery and said he could “easily have died”.

She is now frantically trying to get in touch with Chris after the pair became distant in recent years.And she added that she is determined to start again and rebuild their relationship from scratch.

Jessica, of Sprowston, Norwich, said:
“I’m extremely proud of him and really feel like I need to get in contact.”

Speaking of the heartbreaking moment he tended to a victim, Chris said:
“She passed away in my arms. She was in her 60s and said she had been with her family”I haven’t stopped crying.”The most shocking part of it is that it was a kids’ concert.”There were nuts and bolts all over the floor. People had holes in their back.”It’s the screams I can’t get over and the smell … I don’t like to say it but it smelled like burning flesh.”I don’t think anything has sunk in yet. It’s just shock.”



The UK Sun

Dutch doctor in charge of a sperm bank is likely to have fathered at least 19 children through IVF

A Dutch fertility doctor fertilised the eggs of dozens of women patients with his own sperm and fathered no fewer than 19 children, a paternity institute has said on Wednesday.
“There has been a DNA match,’’ the “Fiom” Institute added in a statement.
The institute added that Jan Karbaat, who died in April, had his own IVF clinic from 1980 to 2009.

However, mothers and their children had suspicions that the doctor had used his own sperm and he himself said in interviews that he had conceived 60 children.

The institute was asked by 23 people to carry out paternity tests.

They had to compare DNA with one of his officially recognised children after Karbaat refused a DNA test when he was alive and his widow rejected requests to test items such as his toothbrush and shaver.

According to the institute, the test using one of his officially recognised children has resulted in 19 matches.

A report says a court will decides on June 2 whether his widow has to give up the toothbrush and shaver for further analysis.


50 Cent relieved as he has only 4 months left to pay child support to first baby mama,

Looks like 50 Cent‘s can’t wait to stop paying child support and he’s started a countdown. The rapper has spilled his guts on how much longer he’s legally required to make payments to his first baby mama. 50 Cent took to Instagram Wednesday (May 24) to reveal he’s dropped well over $1.3 million in child support and only has to dish out $30,000 in the next four months…


Manchester terror attack victim’s boyfriend reveals heartbreaking final text she sent him just minutes before she died

The 15-year-old was yesterday confirmed among the 22 innocent people killed in a suicide bomb blast at Ariana Grande’s concert on Monday night.

According to the Manchester Evening news, the teenager’s heartbroken boyfriend Lewis Brierley revealed how she excitedly texted him saying “I’m having so much fun”.

He also paid tribute to the tragic teenager on Facebook.

He wrote: “I loved her so much that I made sure every night… I would send her a paragraph to let her know just how much she meant to me and I only hope she knows I meant every word of it.”

Explained: Why were Melania and Ivanka Trump wearing all black with veils at the Vatican?

When First Lady Melania,  Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, accompanied the President to his meeting with Pope Francis. Interesting to note both Trump women were wearing head coverings, a piece of clothing they both went without when they visited the Islamic country, Saudi Arabia.
A number of people noticed this and asked questions. Well, there’s a reason for that and it has been explained by the First Lady’s spokeswoman. She said that Saudi Arabia did not specifically ask both women to cover their hair while visiting but the Vatican protocol is formal black clothing with a veil so the women had to respect that and comply.

However, it should be noted that Ms Trump would have been required to wear a head covering and remove her shoes had she visited any mosques or Muslim holy sites.

The Trumps still dressed conservatively during their visit to the Islamic country, with the First Lady’s outfit on arrival reminiscent of the traditional black robes, or abayas, that Saudis wear.

The Arab News publication praised her for her “modest yet classy look”.

In line with the Vatican dress code, Ivanka and Melania wore similar black dresses with very long sleeves that extend to the wrist and a hemline several inches below the knee. They both completed their look with black shoes while Ivanka accessorised with a white necklace.

T.I. and Tiny confront each other over their messed up marriage

Rapper T.I. and his former wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris are at it again. This time, the two discuss a tough subject: infidelity. In the teaser, Tiny confirms the longstanding rumor that T.I. was caught cheating with one of Tiny’s employees. T.I. decides to deflect Tiny’s accusations by accusing his wife of also being unfaithful.

“You done had your s*** when you were out with m************ dude that you know I don’t f*** with,” he says. “You was at his house. You was in his house.”

The conversation takes a turn for the worse when Tiny tells her estranged husband that her actions were a result of his bad choices.

“How do you know that?! Cause you seen me dancing?” she asks, likely referring to her rumored relationship with boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather. “You don’t know… If he can come and treat me like a woman…”

T.I. snaps back, telling Tiny he’s never shortchanged her as the woman in his life.

“I spent millions on you, what the f*** are you saying?!” he says.

Younger brother of Manchester suicide bomber arrested as he was ‘planning his own attack’

Salman Abedi (inset) killed atleast 22 people and injured at least 119 more when he detonated a bomb at Manchester Arena on Monday night as children were piling out of the venue having watched Ariana Grande. But this afternoon the father of the attacker, Ramadan Abedi (right), said: ‘We don’t believe in killing innocents. This is not us.’

Lounging on the beach in Libya with friends and hanging out with his mates in Manchester, this is Salman Abedi (circled) as a teenage boy before he became a suicide bomber. There is a no suggestion any of the friends he is pictured with have been involved in any wrong doing

He said he had spoken to his 22-year-old son five days ago and that he sounded ‘normal’ and was getting ready to visit Saudi Arabia. Earlier, pictures emerged showing Abedi lounging on the beach in Libya with friends and hanging out with his mates in Manchester as a teenager. There is no suggestion any of the people he was pictured with have been involved in any wrongdoing.

His father, Ramadan, was arrested by masked gunmen in Tripoli this evening while recording TV interviews in the country.

Earlier he had claimed his son seemed ‘normal’ when they last spoke five days ago and insisted: ‘We don’t believe in killing innocents.’

Abedi’s younger brother Hashem has also been arrested in Tripoli, Libya, on suspicion of having links to the ISIS who claimed responsibility for Monday night’s atrocity.

He was ‘aware of all the details’ of his plans, a Libyan security force said. Hashem had been ‘under surveillance for a month and a half’ and ‘investigation teams supplied intelligence that he was planning a terrorist attack in the capital Tripoli’, the Deterrence Force said on its Facebook page.
Salman’s older brother Ismail, 23, was arrested yesterday in Chorlton, south Manchester. He is still being quizzed by police, who are probing the family’s links to a terror network.

Culled from UK Daily Mail