Photos: Unbelievable, Make-up artist has many shocked after she takes off her makeup

This make-up artist @tanielle shocked her followers when she revealed a huge cake of make-upconcealing her real fac. While many were shocked at the cake of make-up she uses to cover her acne, others called it deception and said she needs to let her face breathe so an can treat the acne instead of masking it up.

See flawless pics below….





Killer ‘decapitates 18-month-old baby relative and waves girl’s head in street’ after release from psychiatric hospital


A killer released from a psychiatric hospital with the all-clear decapitated an 18-month-old baby relative with a knife and brandished the severed head in a public street, eyewitnesses say. Mikhail Elinsky, 42, also stabbed his niece – the dead girl’s mother – resulting in serious abdominal injuries. A video shows him repeatedly taunting officers with a knife and refusing to give himself up.

He was eventually shot by police and taken to a hospital in Astrakhan, Russia, where he later died. The man’s niece Tatiana had earlier pleaded with the authorities not to release him from psychiatric hospital, fearing he remained a danger after he had killed a woman six years ago.

She desperately tried to save her daughter Natalia but was was stabbed as she came close to the kitchen where Elinsky was butchering the child.

Eyewitness Anastasiya Miloserdova said:
“The little girl was his niece, and his mother had begged not to let him out of the mental clinic.
“And look how it ended – he ran around the area with the cut off head of the little one.”

Tatiana said:
“We were about to go out, and my daughter was sitting on her tricycle.He pulled her off, grabbed her and took her to the kitchen.
“He closed the door and began to cut her.
“I tried to stop him and ran to the kitchen but he stabbed me in the stomach with his knife.”

Her husband Igor (pictured above with the baby and below after the killing)was too grief-stricken to speak.

Culled from Daily Mirror

France may make wolf-whistling and asking women for their phone number a CRIMINAL offence

Wolf-whistling is set to be banned in France as the government declares war on men hassling women in public.

Under proposed plans ,bugging women for their telephone numbers and following them could also be prohibited.The crackdown comes after surveys show virtually all French women have been harassed on public transport, in the street or elsewhere at some time.

France’s new leader, President Emmanuel Macron, pledged to end this during his election campaign this year,Reuters reports.

Only a few countries, including Belgium and Portugal, have banned such behaviour.

Marlène Schiappa, the under-secretary for gender equality, defended the plan and gave an example of behaviour that would be illegal.

She said: “You are a woman in an underground train. I am a man. I follow you.
“You get off the train. I get off.
“You get on another train. I get on too. I ask you for your telephone number. I ask again. I ask a third time.
“You feel oppressed. That is street harassment.”

British tourist, 23, faces six months in a Dubai jail for giving the middle FINGER

A Brit tourist faces six months’ jail in Dubai — for flicking the middle finger.

Jamil Mukadam says he flashed the sign, deemed a public obscenity in the United Arab Emirates, at a raging motorist while driving a hire car.The 23-year-old flew home to Leicester in February but was arrested and put in a cell on returning to Dubai this month.

Jamil was bailed, yet can’t leave the country ahead of his court hearing as cops confiscated his passport.
The IT worker is now in a £60-a-night hotel awai­ting a court hearing where he faces up to six months in jail or a huge fine.

Jamil told the UK Sun
“I was driving to the airport with my wife and this guy was up behind me flashing his lights.“I pulled over and they were screaming at me.
“I stuck my finger up, drove off and thought nothing of it.
“But when I came back to Dubai and through passport control there was a loud beeping sound and, within seconds, I was surrounded by police.“I was two days in a cell with 172 others including a murderer and rapist. I had no bed, blanket or food.

“Now I can’t leave my hotel because I don’t have my passport and I’ll run out of money by the end of the week.”
Jamil, whose wife Dilshad later flew home to Leicester, could face a six-month wait for his court hearing.The Foreign Office said: “We are assisting a British man detained in Dubai.”

We won’t abandon him, it God’s will – Parents of baby born with huge bulging eyes

Locals have labelled a baby born in an Indian village with large red eyes and holes in place of his nose an “alien”.

The unnamed boy was born to Karishma and Arshad at their home in Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh, India, in the early hours of Tuesday.But when the young mother was stunned when she saw her second child for the first time.

She said:
“His eyes were red and huge. He was looking at me and his nose was flat. He also does not have ears.
“I had gone into labour late at night and by 4am he was born naturally. I was excited to see him but when I saw his face I could not believe what I saw.
“I have never seen a child like this before.”

Since the birth of the boy villagers have been flocking to the family home thinking he is an “alien”.The UK Sun reports.

But father Arshad, a painter, believes his son is God’s will and is optimistic of raising him for as long as he can.

Arshad said:
“God has given him to us. We will not abandon him. We will take care of him as long as he survives.”

The baby weighs five pounds and has a healthy pair of limbs. Doctors believe he will survive and he is currently breathing properly.
The couple, who have a two year old daughter, are hoping for miracle that could give their son a long life.

Asian sex gang victim says she was raped by thousands of men across Britain from the age of 14

The victim of an Asian sex gang has told how she was raped by thousands of men – including a local politician – over a 15-year period since she was just 14.

Caitlin Spencer, not her real name, bravely opened up to tell her shocking story after she said she was failed by authorities who were “not interested”.She said the sick predators are still walking the streets after cops failed to bring any convictions for what was done to her.


Despite finding the courage to make an official police report two years ago, she said her case was dropped.

And she warned recent convictions in similar cases in Newcastle and Rochdale were just the tip of the iceberg.

She said there was “no way the gangs are that small”, claiming to have been raped by thousands of men across the country – including a prominent local politician.

Caitlin said her ordeal began when she rang the number on an advert calling for young models – only for a man to violently rape her in her family home while her parents were out.

She told The Mirror:
“I ran a bath. Then I stayed in my room. I felt so dirty. I couldn’t face my family. I blamed myself.”
The then teenage schoolgirl kept the incident from her family – but before long she said the man was picking her up and trafficking her to others to abuse.Recalling her first “client”, she said:
“He was an older Asian man, who obviously had a family. He had photos everywhere of his wife and kids.”
Terrified after being threatened with death, Caitlin said she would be given to two clients a day – usually Asian men – and had an abortion after becoming pregnant from the abuse.

She said her mum called police after finding her diary, but claimed a cop who quizzed her “seemed angry” and told her she would have to “get used to upsetting questions” when she asked him to stop.

The terrified teen said she dropped the case and officers told her mum she was a “known prostitute”.
She said the horrific abuse continued for years, with “queues” of men raping her, force-feeding her drugs to get her hooked and calling her names like “white bitch”.

Eventually she fled to Australia in 2013, before returning and telling cops her full story.

Caitlin said she worked with police to identify around 80 gang members on Facebook, but none were ever brought to justice after her case crumbled.

She said she has been left “disgusted” by the lack of support and protection she received and has decided to speak out to warn others of the dangers of Asian sex gangs.

The abuse survivor made an anonymous speech to the House of Lords on the topic .

She said: “These men find it okay to rape non-Muslim girls. It’s a brutal cult and needs to be stopped.
“There are other young British girls who are still suffering today in the way I suffered at the hands of Muslim men, who should be behind bars.”

Caitlin has also told her harrowing tale in a book called Please, Let Me Go.

Mel B’s new rainbow hair sees her mocked online by fans

MEL B has come under fire by fans online who have compared her latest hair style to a troll and an ice snowcone.

The singer debuted the bizarre look at the latest America’s Got Talent live show and social media addicts were quick to ridicule the Spice Girl.

Fans compared Mel B’s eye-catching hair to Spongebob Squarepants with a rainbow, a multi-coloured snow cone snack and a Trolls toy.

One fan compared her to My Little Pony while another tweeted a picture of Mel’s America’s Got Talent co-star Simon Cowell alongside the caption: “My reaction when looking at Mel B’s hair again on AGT Finale.”