A brief history: Barbrah Musamba Chama Mumba?

I was born in Fungafunga Village commonly known as research in Mansa, Northern part of Zambia to a teacher and a full time house wife.

I started my primary education at Mutende Primary School in Luapula Province while living at St Clements Secondary School where my late dad taught English and French. Some of my former primary  school mates include George Kaoma and Nicholas Shiliya. And my best friends included the late Ziane Kaoma Kaindu and Abigail Tasker.

In 1987 we had to leave St Clements School for Mabumba as my dad received his first appointment as head teacher before being transferred in 1989 to St Mary’s Basic School in Kawambwa district as head teacher.

At the height of doctors, nurses and teachers among other professionals exodus from Zambia to neighbouring Botswana, my dad joined this bandwagon of skilled labour in migrating to Botswana.
This is a country where I and my siblings grew up for most of our lives formation. I finished high school at Swaneng Hill Secondary School in Serowe, Botswana. The school is located in the village that Botswana’s current President Lt. Ian Khama hails from.

Some of my former school mates include Nawonga Mvula, Kasololo Chisenga, Chewe Nkonde, Boitumelo Paya and Gasebalwe Seretse. My late father taught my friends English in the same school.

Soon after completing secondary education I briefly lived in Botswana’s capital city, Gaborone. This is where I did my first diploma in Public Relations.

I got my first office job working for a British firm called Hall and Watts as a personal assistant to the Managing Director, Nick Brunton.

A few years later, Botswana stopped issuing work permits for such jobs, thus I had no choice but to return back home, Zambia, to study for another diploma but this time it was in teaching.

It is during this period, after graduating as the best academic student, while living at Marshlands village complex near the University of Zambia (UNZA) in Lusaka in 2001 that I got interested in politics and the burning issue then was late Frederick Chiluba’s campaign bid to go for a third term.

I never missed the debates on the third term bid especially those that had former Finance Minister Edith Nawakwi speaking. The third term debate saw 22 seniors, all members of parliament, Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) members leave their party.

Two groups emerged from within the 22 one headed by General Christon Tembo and the other by Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda. When I learnt that the majority members of the splinter group preferred the late General Christon Tembo to lead their group instead of General Miyanda who I dearly love and preferred. I stopped following until when I heard he had formed the Heritage Party (HP), the others went on to form the Forum Democracy and Development (FDD).

By just being an ordinary active member I was approached by Ms Chishala Kateka (then HP Finance Chairman) to join them at the Secretariat. She co-opted me to be part of the secretariat team and so as to help run it and the party.

It was at the secretariat that I met and mingled with people like General Miyanda, Bwalya Chiti, General Ronnie Shikapwasha, Mrs Siwale, Mrs Sumaili, Reverend Gladys Nyirongo, Dr Kaoma, Dr Musonda, Dr Bulleti Nsemukila, Chiti Chingambo, late Joe Kuluneta and Joe Chilaiza, Simon Mwila, Patrick Mucheleka, Hon Susan Kawandami, Onemius Ngonomo, Chiti Chigambo, Nedson Nzowa, Sangulukani Zulu and Amon Chisenga etc.

As you all know those elections were won by the late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. Things became shaky for everyone. I then decided to get back to Botswana where my family still lived. Upon getting there I got a job as a manager for Diphalana pilot project (UNICEF programme in conjunction with the Botswana Government) that was helping pregnant teen student mothers to continue studying while we looked after their kids. It is there, now late,  I met then Botswana Foreign Affairs Minister, Mompati Merafhe, who later became vice president for Botswana was the project in his constituency Mahalapye and was chairperson.

In 2003 we lost our father and two years later I was prompted to come overseas to study for my BA in Health and Social Care at the same time I was financially helping my family back home.

I have one beautiful daughter, although due to my family commitments the father and I grew apart and did not marry but remain committed to the well being of our daughter.

I am the first born in the family of seven that is, four girls and three boys. Among my siblings is a medical doctor, practicing nurse based in the USA, two chartered accountants – one based in Norway, another studying Engineering and our last born is doing fashion designing and marketing.

Two things shape me “credibility and hard work”.

Becoming a blogger:

I was inspired by one blogger who told me to write my own blog.

I thought it would be a great way that I could possibly give back what I have been given. I have met so many wonderful people, made so many friends, so many I have learned so much from I have been blessed and wanted to give back.
If I can help even one person to attain his or her goal or just getting motivated to reach any goal they might have, this would make me a happy person by positively making a difference in another person’s life. Motivation is motivation. I want to share mine.

I know it’s a tough thing to hold on to. It’s a tough thing to acquire. It can be elusive and so fragile, I know. That’s why if I can I would like to help you in reaching those goals. Maybe we can help each other. At times or some people may not think it is possible but I believe we all have things we can teach each other and help each other with. That’s what life is all about, helping each other to be the best we can be. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Life is now and waiting for you. Maybe your path to that goal you want and need to reach starts could start here.

Start now!

33 thoughts on “A brief history: Barbrah Musamba Chama Mumba?

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  2. This is a very rich experience. No wonder you are so courageous. I have learnt one thing from you which is determination. You don’t look behind. You are like a man. Keep going and everything is possible.


  3. Ive come to believe now that you are not just mere but a great woman. How i wish i can get more closer to you to learn and sack more just to remain with a portion of what you have aquired in this life.


  4. I’m really enjyin ur teachings and thy do work for me.I’m frm Botswana an I’m working at serowe.I went through ur history and I liked especially dat u stayed in botswana


  5. Continue to inspire more,this life journey of yours is worth sharing as it carries with it enough energy to strengthen someone whose hope is lost.


  6. Good to hear that, was teaching design nd technology in Serowe in a village called Mugorosi, we must have met then! God bless you richly. Happy 2016.


  7. Interesting. Really you have been an inspiratiom. Mostly the info you post are my special interest esp Agriculture related. Thank you for your generosity.


  8. You are my sister Babrah. I am from pa Kasanga Chief Mabumba. I am inspired by your encouragement. Hope we can chat more. I am interested in taking up farming and real estate


  9. Hey sis…wonderful reading. Very hardworking and caring is what you are. You have helped and steered the family to what it is today. God keep blessing you my darling sis.


  10. Am always inspired and motivated. Reading your biography makes me keep pushing till I get want I want in life through hardworking. I know you are a blessing to many people. Am happy to have known you. Keep and continue inspiring many especially youths and women out there.


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