Kim Kardashian is my baby mama – Ivanka Trump’s stalker is now obsessed with Kim Kardashian

The mentally ill man who was once arrested for stalking Ivanka Trump has transferred his obsession to Kim Kardashian, claiming she is his ‘baby mama’ and is being ‘trapped’ by the ‘gay men’ inside her Hollywood talent agency William Morris Endeavor.

In court papers obtained by, WME alleges Justin Massler, 35, left threatening voice messages to a senior executive earlier this month, saying: ‘talk down to me and I will blow your fing brains out of your skull and you will see motherfer.’

In another message, he’s heard demanding to see the reality star saying: ‘I’m the real Jason Bourne, and if you try to take me on, and Kim Kardashian trapped, you’re gonna see some major f***ing pain, because “no” is not an acceptable answer for me, you got it?

‘The answer is I can see Kim Kardashian or who the fk do I have to take the fk down to see her. No is not an answer for me.’According to the agency, Massler has been harassing the company over the past six months, but the threats became increasingly alarming in October.

Massler, who has been jailed for stalking other celebrities, has been contacting the agency by phone, email, and even appeared at the WME building to drop off a letter earlier this month.

WME security escorted Massler out of the lobby.

When contacted by the agency’s attorneys about the restraining order, Massler told the lawyer that the company’s security personnel ‘f***ed with the wrong person.’

He also explained he wanted to get Kardashian ‘out’ because he believes she is ‘trapped’ by WME.

‘He stated that he is her ‘baby daddy’ and that Ms Kardashian is his ‘baby mama’ and that no one, including anyone at WME, can stop him from seeing her,’ court documents read.When asked if he would attending the court hearing, he replied: ‘I’m Jesus Christ and if I feel like coming, I will.

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