Officer at women’s jail investigated over fling with killer, five other inmates

An officer at a women’s jail is being probed over flings with up to six inmates.

Stewart King, 47, was suspended after allegedly being caught in the cell of murderer Kerry Vincent, 36.An ex-lag at the Surrey jail told the UK Sun: “There are women there in need of satisfaction.

Some turn to other cons while others make do with a screw, so to speak.He has been using the prison more like a nightclub pick-up joint.”

Bachelor King, dubbed Bigfoot by lags, has worked at the jail for five years.

Vincent and hubby Steven Lochead, now 46, got life for stabbing Valerie Tallett, 38, at a hostel in Winchester, Hants, in 2001.

Valerie’s parents Ronald and Sylvia said of Vincent’s alleged romp: “We are not surprised. She is rotten.” King, of Mortimer, Berks, could be jailed if found guilty of misconduct in public office.

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