Man’s face is rotting following botched surgery

Speaking for the first time since the procedure 4-years ago he said:

‘Naively, I was not aware of what they had put in my body.

‘My face was destroyed, rotten, pus came out.’ Mr Trujillo added that his face had became ‘red’ and ‘hot’ after being injected with a mysterious liquid.

The fake doctor, who is believed to be on the run, told Mr Trujillo that she would inject his cheekbones to make them plumper.

Problems didn’t arise until a week later when he went for a moisturising treatment.

The moisturiser reacted badly with the substance that had been injected into his cheeks, local reports state.
Three months after the moisturising treatment, he began to suffer symptoms.

His face broke out in granulomas – groupings of immune cells that gather to try to wall off a foreign substance in the body that cannot be eliminated.


Reports claim he has just 50 per cent of the face he began with left, following the corrective operations he has endured. Mr Trujillo is scheduled in for two further procedures to rebuild his face.

There has been no word on whether the fake doctor who performed the original procedure has been tracked down or prosecuted.

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