‘I was seeing devils everywhere!’ Fergie hints at struggle with mental illness

It took Fergie eleven years to craft the newly released follow up to her successful first solo album The Dutchess.
And in the video for A Little Work the 42-year-old gives an insight into the cause of the delay of her sophomore album Double Dutchess,
The visual track hints at mental illness, as the singer dramatically reimagines her life, while at times wearing a strait jacket.

In the 12-minute extended version released on Monday, Fergie is heard sharing what appear to be reflections on a mental break-down.
While it’s not confirmed that the singer is talking about her own experiences, that does seem to be the message.
Speaking calmly in a voiceover, the seated mother-of-one talks about the difficult ‘periods of my life’.

‘I got to a point where I was seeing devils everywhere,’ she says. ‘Devil faces. Creatures that would appear to me would say “fly, fly fly.” Maybe not even saying it, just flying around.
‘I would constantly be in this state of listening to the messages that all of these creatures… what they were going to tell me. What I should do. And life became almost like this whole game.
‘I was just going to lose it I was just going to start screaming at everybody in the street.’



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