Why Trump’s marriage may be in jeopardy – Body language expert analyses

President Donald trump made waves last week when he greeted his wife on stage with an “awkward” handshake, and a body language expert says the move made the first couple “look horrible.”

The moment came last Friday during an appearance at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland when President Trump gave Melania a handshake after she introduced him in front of military families.

“You go sit down, honey,” Trump said as he urged Melania off stage.

Social media was quick to explode with commentary over the encounter.

Body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass warns it could be a signal of trouble in their marriage.

“It makes them look horrible. It makes them look like their marriage is in jeopardy,” Glass told AOL News.
“It fuels gossip. It makes them look like they’re just in it for the show and she can’t stand him.”
Glass suggests the nature of the event during which the formal greeting occurred might have played a factor, saying Trump may not fully grasp appropriate military protocol at public events.

“Many politicians know what to do, they know how to act, or they’ve been in similar situations before with foreign activities and also with the military,” Glass says.
“He doesn’t really know what to do. He doesn’t have that background.”
Offering a bit of advice, the body language expert suggests the pair should have the guidance of a “chief of protocol” who can guide them on the “where to walk” and “what to do” elements of public appearances.

If left without help in navigating the ins and outs of public life as America’s first couple, Glass suggests the Trumps may continue to suffer from the “Free Melania” headlines that often make waves when an odd public encounter occurs.

“They’re extraordinarily awkward,” Glass warns. “And it looks very odd.”

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