Tiny claps back at Wendy Williams as she jumps to T.I.’s defense

Following the heated exchange between T.I. and Wendy Williams’ over her viral bikini photos, Tiny has clapped back after Wendy dragged her into it.

Wendy had said atleast she didn’t buy her booty like Tiny, and accused T.I of putting lifts in his shoes.


Tiny who is coincidentally set to appear on Williams’ show on Friday ,told theJasmineBRAND.com,

“I have nothing to do with it, but just leave me out of it,” she said of their beef. “Leave me out of it.”
On how she is going to respond if Wendy asks her about her man’s comments on the purple couch, tomorrow?
“As long as she says it in a tactful way, everything [is] going to go smoothly,” she said. “We get along pretty well. You know, we go way back from her radio days.”

As for the “lifts” accusation, Tiny claims that that’s a flat out lie:
“I’ve never seen a man wear lifts, ever,” she said. “Yeah, I’ve never seen him wear lifts. No, the man doesn’t really care about being tall. He is who he is… I’ve been with the man for 16 years. They must be hiding them from me.”

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