Wife forgives husband who hacked off her fingers and toes with machete

A wife has chosen to forgive her husband after he hacked off two of her fingers and two of her toes with a machete.

Atinae Afamiliona, 50, launched the repeated and frenzied attack on Tiperia Afamiliona, 45, when she said she wanted to leave him in August last year, according to reports.

The mum-of-three has been left permanently disfigured, having to have several fingers and toes amputated and suffering deep cuts to her hands, arms, feet and legs.

Afamiliona has been jailed for nine years with six years non-parole for the horrific attack in western Sydney, The Daily Telegraph Australia reports.

But Tiperia revealed why she has chosen to forgive her husband, despite what he’s done to her.

She said: “I have forgiven Atinae for myself, I have forgiven him so I can move forward,” abc.net.au reports.

“This does not mean that I still want to be with him and this does not mean what he has done is okay.”

The incident had occurred as the couple argued about their relationship while driving home, and Tiperia suggested they should separate.

Afamiliona pulled over, got a machete from under the car seat and began the brutal attack on his wife.
Tiperia said in a victim impact statement that she suffers constant pain in her hands and feet and every time she looks down at her hands she is reminded of the attack.

She said she was an independent woman before the incident, but now she feels alone and sad.

Campbelltown District Court Judge Greg Grogin called the ordeal “ferocious and terrifying”.

He confirmed the defendant was not under the influence of drink or drugs but reportedly told police he had a ‘black out’ and that a ‘dark thing’ had blocked his mind.



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