Kim Kardashian’s Instagram photo shows her nipples blurred under top

Although Kardashian has edited her nipples in the photo, the image has attracted divided opinions in the comments.

Many people shamed Kardashian for choosing to show her nipples on a public platform.

“No reason you should have your nipples out in public,” one person wrote. “Thank God for those old school ladies with morals and values. Have some decency and class,” another person commented.

Of course, some people played the mom-shaming card.

“Like seriously cover up .. your [sic] a mother,” one person wrote. Someone else wrote a similar comment: “Nip city. You are a mother who needs to set an example for your kids.” While a separate user asked: “Your [sic] a Mom, I don’t understand why you feel like you have to be so revealing?”

Others pointed out that Kardashian has never seemed that concerned with hiding her body.

“But then again when did she ever care about showing her nipple,” one commenter wrote. “Lol why does kim k mark out the nipple when she wore the shirt on purpose knowing you coukd [sic] see through it,” someone else said. Another user eloquently wrote: “Lol she ‘blurred’ it but the nipple is still clear as day 😂. Not saying that’s a bad thing tho haha.”

However, some users took issue with the fact that Kardashian should have to blur her body parts at all.

“PSA – it’s 2017!!! if showing your nipples is still frowned upon, we as people need to regroup,” one commenter wrote. “They are nipples – literally EVERYONE has them! Showing nipples hurts NO ONE!!” Others echoed the same sentiment, writing “Nooooo free the nips,” and “Nothing wrong with female nipples, show them if you want to!”



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