Couple gets 20 years for brutal beatings of 5-year-old son, that led to strokes

An Oklahoma couple was sentenced to 20 years in prison for beating a 5-year-old boy so badly that he eventually had two strokes.

Rachel Jean Stevens, 29, and her girlfriend, Kayla Ann Jones, 26, pleaded no contest to child abuse and neglect charges, according to the Tulsa World, in a deal with prosecutors.

In December 2015, Stevens’ son was hospitalized in suburban Tulsa for seizures and lesions on his face. He told investigators that Stevens and Jones hit him with a belt.Cops also realized he was tied up in a dark room, and duct tape was put over his eyes, according to the newspaper.

Stevens also whacked his hand with a hammer, while Jones “kicked him so hard in the groin that it made him bleed,” police said.The 5-year-old boy later had two strokes while in doctors’ care at the hospital.
The boy’s condition has bettered since the incident nearly two years ago, the prosecutor said.

“The nature of the injuries were very severe, but the child is doing very well now in a loving home,” he said. “He is a completely different child now than when this (case) first came in.”

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