You one fake ass b**tch -Tokyo Toni blasts Wendy Williams over comments on Blac Chyna & Rob

Never mess with hardcore women! Blac Chyna’s mum Tokyo Toni doesn’t play when it comes to her daughter .Tokyo went on an expletive filled rant after Wendy Williams discussed Chyna’s child support judgement on her Hot Topics.
Wendy said:

I told you how this was gonna end. Blac wins because she’s got the child support and the Kardashian money for life.She accepted $20k a month in exchange to drop her domestic abuse charges against him.If you were really domestically abused, you don’t drop those charges.
Referring to a video of Tokyo Toni twerking, she said:

Tokyo Toni may have been celebrating on her daughter’s behlaf when she post this..Yes,that;’s somebody;’s mom back here,doing the most. Didn’t I tell you Rob’s situation only benefits two people. Chyna and her mum.

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