Rihanna praises adorable Two-year-old aspiring make-up artist who shared her review of Rihanna’s Fenty make-up line

The R&B singer took to Instagram to share toddler Samia Ali’s video make-up review of her Fenty line, which hilariously sees her douse her nose with highlighter and use concealer as a lipstick.

‘Check out the best review on @FentyBeauty yet!!! Thanks @Samiaslife,’ she captioned the footage.
Samia is only two years old, but she is already a full-fledged internet personality with 111,000 Instagram followers and over 61,000 YouTube subscribers.

Her review of Rihanna’s Fenty make-up line is the latest video featured on her channel, Samia’s Life, and the adorable footage sees the tiny tot trying out the collection on herself.

The four-minute video clip begins with Samia looking at the line’s concealer match stick, highlighters, foundation and brushes that were neatly arranged in front of her, gushing: ‘That’s so pretty.’
Samia starts her tutorial with her make-up base and douses a couple pumps of foundation into her mixing bowl before carefully used a brush apply the product in spots on her chubby cheeks.


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