Pet owner causes an outrage after dragging his dogs along behind his car by their NECKS

A pet owner has caused an outrage after being caught dragging his two ‘exhausted’ dogs along behind his car on a busy road in China.
The two dogs, said to be one and two years old, were forced to keep up with the vehicle with one of them was seen lying on the ground when the car stopped.

After a video went viral, the owner of the dogs told a local newspaper that he was training them for an upcoming race.

The dogs’ owner, surnamed Zhang, told the local Peninsula Morning Post that he had been misunderstood and that he loves his dogs.
He said the two dogs were racing dogs and he was preparing them for a race, which would be held on September 25 in the nearby city of Huludao.

While being asked about the negative internet comments, Mr Zhang said:
‘I can understand the emotion of the web users, but they need to have a judgement of their own and understand what the truth was.’
Mr Zhang explained that normally he trains the dogs by letting them run on treadmills.
However since the race was drawing near, he decided to attach them to his car and let them run on his way to work.

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