Diamond Platnumz finally confesses to cheating on Zari

Renowned Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz has succumbed to pressure and addressed rumours that he sired a child with Tanzanian model cum vixen Hamisa Mobetto.
Appearing on Clouds FM earlier today, Diamond admitted having had a fling with a long time ago. He is married to socialite Zari Hassan and the couple have children together.
The singer also noted that he wanted to keep the matter as private as he could and thus extended financial support to Mobetto.
“When she got pregnant, I told her I was a father with a family. I did not like abortion, it was my blood,” the singer said.
“Before she gave birth, I bought her a new Toyota Rav 4” the ‘Eneka’ hitmaker also said.
As to whether he supported the child, Diamond said “I was giving him a sum of $ 5 shillings a week.”
“When I was in Britain I asked my mother to go to the hospital to look at the baby, but the woman Hamisa called writers and went to record and disgrace my mother” the irked singer said.

“When I returned from England I went to see my son and stayed with him very much” he said.
“There was no time at all that I created a scenario for rejecting a child. I’m surprised to see on the networks say I have rejected the child. What I did not want was to make sure my wife Zari was not supposed to be guilty of anything wrong” he added.
“Hamisa should have a good foundation for raising a child, the man’s burial did not help but it hurts you. I cannot get rid of Zari. I’m glad to walk down from here to Saudi so that you can forgive me” the singer pleaded.
On whether he and Hamisa have issues, Diamond said “I cannot hate Hamisa, but advise her this time to look at the future of the baby, since posting on the networks will not help.”
In the same interview, Diamond addressed claims that he had a fling with renowned actress and former Big Brother Africa representative Dillish Matthews.
“The information to meet Dillish in Zanzibar is not true. I was in Zanzibar for my personal work and stayed two days and returned to Dar alone. I did not see this sister and I did not have her. That’s a phenomenon and that’s why I was silent on this,” he said.​



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