Azealia Banks poses completely nude but fans but fans liken her to Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni

Azealia Banks posed completely nude, with her modesty preserved by nothing more than flecks of gold body paint on Monday.
But rather than be impressed by her shapely figure, fans instead flocked to compare her to Tokyo Toni – the mother of reality star Blac Chyna.
At 45-years-of-age, Tokyo is 19 years the rapper’s senior and is unlikely to have been her inspiration for the raunchy photo. The revealing picture showed the 212 musician with gold flakes adorning her body and metallic paint on her hands.

Azealia Banks

Her dark curly locks cascade down her back in the shot as she pushes her incredible bust towards the camera.

One fan wrote: ‘Looks like Tokyo Toni’ with a cat emoji.
The sentiment was echoed as another wrote: ‘I thought that was Blac Chyna’s mom’.
Another dubbed Banks ‘Tokyo’s other daughter.’





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