Video: Brave South African student fights robbers to save her master’s thesis

The video shows a woman walking down Goring Avenue in Auckland Park, in South Africa. A vehicle pulls up beside her and two gun-wielding robbers try to snatch her handbag from her. A third man remained at the wheel of the car, following them.

The woman has been identified as master’s student Noxolo Ntuli who is a medical scientist at the National Health Laboratory Services. Her handbag contained a hard drive with her master’s thesis on it.

According to reports, this is the second time Ntuli has been attacked in the same place. In the first attack in 2015, the robbers stole her cell phone.

Following the initial attack, Ntuli told TimesLive that she had taken self-defence lessons. She believes that those lessons plus her valuable hard drive gave her the courage to hold on to her bag, although she doesn’t advise others to do the same.

Thankfully, the three suspects were arrested later in Brixton. Police said that they were in possession of a laptop and gas gun. Ntuli has laid a case against them, and they are due to appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court shortly.

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