Your men go for foreign girls, not the other way round – Vera Sidika blast Nigerian ladies

Lol….She definitely has guts….Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has taken to IG to address Nigeran ladies who keep complaining the foreigners like herself are taking their men.

Vera is currently in Nigeria and has been pictured with Triple MG boss Ubi Franklin wrote:

“It’s funny how some Nigerian girls always talking about “these gals should stop taking our men” no! It’s your men that go after foreign girls! Why not focus on keeping your men in your country than attack foreign girls for dating naija Men. They approach them not the other way round! Maybe u should ask yourself why it’s so than point fingers on others.
Coz it’s unfair attacking people for no reason.
FYI, I don’t intend to date a Nigerian man. So don’t panic 😂
Lagos is lit thou 😏”

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