Model thrown in jail after posing naked at ancient Egyptian temple

A Belgian model has angered Egyptians after she released nude photos showing her posing amid landmark ancient Egyptian monuments.
Marisa Papen this week uploaded the photos on her website, alleging they were taken next to the world-famed Giza Pyramids near Cairo and in the Karnak Temple in Luxor in Upper Egypt.

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities disputed the validity of the images.

“It is probable that the photos are fake or had been taken a long time ago and were recently published,” the ministry said in a statement.
“No such photo session has taken place in any archaeological area.”


This incident constitutes an unacceptable debasement of Egypt’s history and timeless antiquities that are a heritage for entire humanity,” the lawmaker said in a statement.
Several Egyptians, meanwhile, sharply rebuked Papen in online posts.Gulfnews reports.

Public sexuality is socially disapproved and punished under the law in Egypt.
Papen is known for nude modelling photos in exotic sites around the world.

She said in an online report that the photos were taken by a friend during a journey to Egypt in April. The idea of the photos was inspired by her friend, identified as Jesse, whom she said is fascinated with ancient in Egypt.

Papen added that security guards arrested her and Jesse in the Karnak and that the photographer deleted the images to avoid further trouble with police. But they were referred to court.

“We kept playing the role of stupid tourists that had no idea dancing in skin-colored underwear on Egyptian ground wasn’t allowed,” the 25-year-old model recounted.

The judge ordered their release, warning them “never to do something so foolishly shameful ever again,” she said.
Later, Jesse was able to retrieve the images.


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