Naked News presenter goes topless as she interviews beachgoers in Miami ahead of Hurricane Irma

A naked news presenter has been interviewing beachgoers in Miami about the devastating Hurricane Irma which was forecast to smash into the US city.

With the mega-storm heading towards Florida state, host Kylie Morgan bared all as she quizzed bathers on South Beach.

The interview came as several models have been blasted for posting raunchy near-naked photos from Caribbean beaches on Instagram in what they claimed were acts of solidarity with Hurricane Irma victims.

Hurricane Irma has battered several Caribbean islands, leaving at least 23 people dead.

Downtown Miami was all but abandoned yesterday after state officials urged residents to evacuate.

Miami is no longer expected to take a direct hit from the storm’s violent centre after forecasters altered its expected path towards southern Florida.

The deserted city of 450,000 people has still been battered by heavy rain and wind gusts of more than 50mph.

Billed as “the programme with nothing to hide”, The Canadian TV station Naked News features attractive women presenting bulletins completely starkers.

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