Amir Khan ‘bedded beauty therapist days after accusing his wife of an affair

A beauty therapist has come out with claims about boxer Amir Khan. According to her she slept with him days after accusing his wife Faryal of having an affair with fellow British boxer Anthony Joshua. According to Sunday People, the 21-year-old Emily Volkova from Crawley, Sussex claims Amir dumped her after they shared a night of passion.

“I’ve learned the hard way that he’s just a player – a love rat, if you want.”
Emily, a Muslim convert, said she got in touch with Amir after his divorce and wife’s infidelity announcement.

Emily continued saying Amir gave her his phone number and arranged for a meet at a hotel close to Heathrow the night before he flew to watch the Mayweather-McGregor clash in Las Vegas.

She revealed they had sex and was given £20 for a McDonald’s after she turned down his invitation to join them.

On his return Emily claimed they talked about his failed marriage for hours but can not understand how Amir said all they had was a one-night fling between them.
“The abuse he gave me when he made it clear the one night we spent together was all it was showed him up for the horrible piece of work he is.

“Calling me a ‘daft white slut’ and ‘dirt bag’ was really uncalled for. I would never have ­spoken about him if he hadn’t turned that nasty.”



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