Mother-of-two charged for killing teen over 6-year-old daughter’s rape

A Florida woman was arrested on a murder charge for allegedly luring a teen into the woods and killing him because she believes he raped her young daughter.

Connie Serbu, 41, phoned police herself after the July 2016 murder, telling them she had confronted 18-year-old Xavier Sierra about sexually assaulting her daughter, the Naples Daily News reported.


Detectives during their investigation learned the mother-of-two texted the teenager asking for help building a bunk bed in exchange for money.

Joined by her 29-year-old brother John Vargas — who was intellectually disabled — Serbu left to pick up Sierra, bringing a pair of guns, two stun guns, a potato to use as a silencer, an ice pick, plastic gloves and paper towels with her.

When Sierra got into the car, Vargas questioned Sierra about the sexual assault while Serbu drove them to a wooded area. When they arrived at their destination, Sierra tried to run away but in the end, was unable to escape, according to the complaint.

Sierra and Vargas at one point wrestled over a gun. Vargas, who was reportedly struck first, suffered a gunshot wound during the scuffle and later died from his wounds.

Sierra was shot six times, the Naples Daily News reported.

When first responders arrived they spotted a blue four-door Hyundai parked at the end of a dirt road and then took Serbu in for questioning.

She asked police to book her, telling detectives: “So, I don’t care, he raped my daughter … she told me everything.”

Serbu’s daughter reportedly told her mother over Memorial Day weekend in 2016 that Sierra sexually assaulted her on two separate occasions several years prior — when she was just six years old.

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