Girl, 14, ‘drugged and gang-raped by 40 men on small

A 15-year-old girl claims she was gang-raped by up to 40 men in an eight-month ordeal in a small Thai village while her parents were out at work.

The teenager, then aged 14, alleges that the horrific attacks took place in Koh Raed village, Phang Nga province, which has a population of around 100.


She claims dozens of men sexually abused her between May and December last year, while her mum and dad were out working from midnight to dawn.

On some occasions, she says she was forced to go to nearby huts, where she was allegedly drugged and raped by men, according to local media.

It is thought that up to 40 suspects were involved in the alleged attacks. Some of the men are not believed to be from the village, officials said.

Police are now investigating the gang-rape case after the teenager finally came forward and claimed that she had been attacked by dozens of men.

The victim’s mum said her daughter had remained silent for so long because she was worried about her reputation and her family’s safety, The Nation reports.

The woman claimed the attacks had started when a man broke into the family home and raped the teenager, before returning with another man days later.

On the later occasion, the pair allegedly gang-raped the girl. Over the following months, the teenager was repeatedly attacked by many other men, it is claimed.

Her mum explained to the news site that because of her and her husband’s jobs, “we must leave our children alone between midnight and dawn”.

Phang Nga province’s deputy governor, Eggarat Leesen told CNN,this led to the indictment of three suspects, all of whom have since been released on bail.

He added that many locals are shocked at the girl’s claims because they consider those living in the village to be extended family.

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