Wayne Rooney’s fame-hungry party woman sets up fake paparazzi shoot

Party woman at the center of Wayne Rooney’s drunk-driving scandal fakes paparazzi shoot

Laura Simpson, the woman at the centre of Wayne Rooney’s drink-driving controversy, set up a paparazzi photoshoot in order to make the most of her new-found fame, one of her pals claimed.

The 29-year-old mum of one was spotted in the street on Sunday posing in front of her VW Beetle – the same car Wayne was allegedly driving when he was pulled over by police in the early hours of Friday morning.


She held her phone up to her ear as she quickly crossed the road in front of a photographer, who snapped away as Laura quickly put her arm back down and dashed over to the other side of the street.

The photographer then got into a van parked opposite from the Beetle and Laura appeared to join him by hopping in the passenger side.

One of the pictures from the planned shoot was used on a tabloid website.

And the pal who watched Laura on her 15-second photoshoot said she’d “seen it all now”.

“Pretending to be PAPPED outside her nans what an embarrassment,” she told her social media followers.Thought they were following her but she’s doing a photoshoot!”Can’t believe it. Oh my god.”

Laura has already confessed that the two kissed before Wayne’s arrest but urged his humiliated wife Coleen Rooney to forgive him.

“I can understand her being mad with him over the arrest, that was stupid and on reflection he should never have driven my car but he didn’t seem to be over the limit,” Laura told Mail Online .
“But she can’t blame him for anything that happened with me because nothing did really although we would have ended up s****ing no doubt. What we did was only a bit of harmless fun.”


Daily Mirror

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