‘Oh my gosh, where did I go?’: Jada Pinkett-Smith says motherhood made her ‘lose her groove’

Jada Pinkett-Smith’s real life tale is almost synonymous with the role she played in the blockbuster movie Girls Trip.

Speaking on The Project on Tuesday, the 45-year-old mother of two confessed that motherhood made her lose her ‘groove’.

‘I think every woman who has had kids has definitely lost her groove at some point, because, naturally, all of our focus goes into raising our child or children and then you just kind of wake up one day and go, “oh,my gosh, where did I go?”

Further speaking on her role in the movie Girls Trip sha said: ‘It takes us a minute to regain ourselves. I definitely related to (her character) Lisa in that way as well.’

When probed further by a rather shocked interviewer, Jada said: ‘I have lost my groove for sure at times. For sure!’

She has two famous children with Will Smith, Jaden, 19 and Willow, 16.


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