Disgraced footballer Adam Johnson ‘in tears as prison inmates scream “rapist” every time

Shamed footballer Adam Johnson is allegedly reduced to tears on a daily basis as inmates chant “rapist” when he leaves his cell.

The former England and Sunderland player is said to be among the most hated prisoners at HM Moorland and is subjected to football-style songs about his sex crimes, the Daily Star Sunday reported.


Johnson is serving a six-year sentence at prison after he admitted grooming and sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl.

His life inside prison is said to have changed dramatically after he was secretly filmed joking with inmates about his schoolgirl victim.A source told the Daily Star Sunday none of the prisoners now want to be associated with Johnson as a gang of “really tough inmates” have taken against him.

The source said:
“Johnson can’t go anywhere without a chorus of, ‘Rapist, rapist, rapist’ erupting.
“It happens every time he leaves his cell, when he’s getting his food and even when he’s trying to play football.
“The prisoners have adopted chants from the terraces with Johnson as the point of attack.”

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