Ciara and Russell Wilson ‘shut down’ art museum for date

The couple spent Saturday evening at the Seattle Art Museum, which both of them claimed on Instagram was closed down for this excursion.
Seattle Seahawk Russell, 28, posted an Instagram video that night of Ciara gazing at paintings on the wall whilst wearing a black pleated skirt hemmed at mid-thigh.

She and Russell can be seen in silhouette, dancing about to the 1978 Rose Royce recording of Wishing On A Star as a profusion of lights dangle around them.
‘When Ya Man Shuts Down The Museum For #DateNight … Still Got My Head Spinnin,’ Ciara captioned, closing with an emoji of a heart followed by another one of a star.

They appeared to be in the Infinity Mirrored Room – Aftermath Of Obliteration Of Eternity installation by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, a photo of which is on her site.

Ciara then uploaded a photo of herself lounging across Russell’s lap as he draped her arms about her, the pair of them in a room spattered with colorful spots.
‘Placed Our Dots In The Sticker Furniture Room. Incredible Experience.#DateNight #YayoiKusama,’ captioned Ciara, and they seemed, by the look of a photo on Yayoi’s site, to be in the artist’s The Obliteration Room installation.
‘LOVE. Dot. Dot. Dot #YayoiKusama,’ Ciara’s captioned an Instagram Boomerang of her sauntering through yet another of Yayoi’s installations during her date.



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