‘I just want her to be happy’ – John Legend on wife Chrissy Teigen’s alcohol battle

John Legend has now opened up about his wife Chrissy Teigen’s alcohol battle, explaining he ‘just wants her to be happy’ in a new interview with Cosmopolitan magazine.
Going shirtless in an Instagram snap from the couple’s Mediterranean holiday, the singer, 38, looked happy and relaxed as he posed on Isola Molara off the coast of Corsica as his comments about his model wife’s struggle came to light.

‘We’re always honest with each other, so we discuss everything that’s on our minds,’ Legend said. ‘When she was thinking about how she wanted to drink less, we talked about it. I just want to support her.’

‘I want her to be happy and to live the fullest, most awesome life she can, and I want us to do it together. Whenever she sets her mind to anything, I always tell her, ‘I want to support you and help you do it”.’
John, who got married to Chrissy after four years of dating, said he finds committing to one woman ‘awesome’, and while he admits that he wouldn’t try and portray himself as the ‘perfect spouse’, he is proud of being a committed husband.

‘I don’t mind being known as somebody who’s devoted to their wife. I am devoted to Chrissy. And when I write about [my commitment to her], it’s me being authentic,’ he said.




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