Video: Checkout the 90-year-old woman Miley Cyrus fondled at VMAs

Now the backup dancer, 89-year-old Shirley Claire, has revealed the 24-year-old pop star improvised the fondle on live TV.

Shirley – Age – Miley – Chest – Performance

However, Shirley who has been performing professionally since age 10, was far from offended as she was choreographed to grab Miley’s chest during the performance -which she did indeed accomplish.

Boobs – Shirley – Interview – DailyMail – Com

‘When she pressed my boobs,’ Shirley recalled in an exclusive interview with, ‘that was spontaneous. It was unscripted. She is a natural like that.’

Shirley, who appeared on season 10 of America’s Got Talent, went on to add sweetly that she was so taken by Miley after a week of rehearsals that she wishes the young lady was her own grandchild.

Granddaughter – Singer – Granddaughter

‘I wish she was my granddaughter,’ the singer declared, ‘I would spoil her. She wouldn’t need to be famous, just my granddaughter who I would spoil. I would be delighted!’

Miley, of course, had developed an R-rated greeting for Shirley each day of rehearsal as she and the nonagenarian would flip each other the bird with both hands and then link their…

(Excerpt) Read more at: Mail Online

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