Pics: Heartwarming moment two lions ran over to embrace the woman who raised them when they were newborn cubs

Two lions proved that diamond’s are not a girl’s only friend – during a heartfelt reunion with the woman who raised them after seven years.

The beautifully groomed big cats were filmed running towards the gate of Malkia Zoo in Slovakia the moment they sensed their first owner was near.

In touching scenes, the lions open their paws out and give the woman a really big hug – one lion is captured closing its eyes to enjoy the moment.

The woman almost in tears fully embraces them as they lick her face and play with her hair.

According to reports, the woman gave the cubs to a zoo in Switzerland seven years ago. She couldn’t look after them anymore when they outgrew her.

The heartwarming video comes weeks after a “lion-whisperer” was filmed leaping into a river and playing with wild big cats.

The abandoned lion cubs were lying in a ditch when Kevin Richardson rescued them in South Africa.

He said: “I wanted to give them a little bit more than that quality of life.

“I started pioneering certain things at the park I was working at.

“One of those things was taking the lions out of their enclosures and letting them walk in the greater area of the park amongst the animals.”


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