Kylie Jenner looks 35 – Intouch Weekly shades her in birthday message

Popular celebrity magazine threw shade at Kylie Jenner with their birthday post. Below is what the magazine had to say:

“It’s hard to believe Kylie Jenner is only just turning 20. For the past few years, the youngest Jenner has hijacked the spotlight from her older sisters, surpassing them in alleged plastic surgery, over-the-top makeup skills that would make RuPaul proud, and plenty of NSFW selfies plastered all across her Snapchat and Instagram. Oh yeah, she’s also a billionaire. And yet, she’s just now turning 20? What the hell?”

“Yeah, it’s hard to believe the lip kit mogul, who twirled around on a stripper pole when was only 12 and flashed her nipple piercings when she was only 17, is the same age as Chloë Grace Moretz or even Zendaya. As the surprisingly wise Scott Disick once said:”




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