Russian dad dangles six-month old baby girl out of BMW window while driving

This is the shocking moment a father held his baby out of his BMW window as he drove the powerful car one-handed at high speed in Russia.
The man, identified only as Roman R, from Zelenogorsk in Siberia, wrapped his arm around the helpless six-month-old child as he roared along a road in a video he called ‘No Seat’.
In another stunt, the cruel father poses on a rooftop and appears to dangle the youngster over the edge, holding the child upside-down baby by one leg.

His photos and videos have sparked fury online and are set to land him in trouble and police are said to have launched an investigation. Other images show him to be a fan of extreme stunts, hanging on a rope between the banks of a river, climbing on road signs, and clinging on to a balcony railing.

Another pictures shows him posing with a scantily clad woman. But it is the pictures showing the child that are now being studied by Russian police in Siberia, reported The Siberian Times. He was condemned on social media. One called him ‘sick’, another said he was an ‘insane fool’.
‘He does not give a damn, it’s clear,’ said a further comment. See more pics below.


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