Video: Woman narrates how, 10, years ago, she contracted HIV virus from husband on wedding night

For ten years, Renee “LadyByrd” Burgess-Benson has been sharing her story of contracting the HIV virus from her husband on the night of their wedding at 24 years old.

While trying to bring awareness to those in denial of it happening to them, Burgess-Benson’s recent post on her 10th year mark (August 4) went viral, where she additionally shares how his mother attempted to warn her prior to their nuptials.

Moreover, in her telling posts, the advocate mentions she’d never had unprotected sex with her husband prior to their wedding day, and “was very adamant about it.”

Additionally, she says:

“Your wedding night is the time to consummate the marriage.”

But in her case, it didn’t end as she’d originally foresaw.

“My wedding night we did that but he also knowingly exposed me to his HIV. I trusted him with my life and he took my life into his own hands and chose to lie in the most explainable way!”

In addition, Burgess-Benson says on the steps of her mother-in-law’s attempt to question him about the virus prior to their wedding, her husband denied any truth to having it.

Furthermore, she explains the series of events of wedding, having unprotected sex and contracting the virus, to hearing the doctor tell her she was HIV positive and then learning of the many women and men he was sleeping with.

Consequently, the two found themselves in court, where he continued to lie about having and knowingly sharing the virus up to sentencing.

Thereafter, the lies hadn’t stopped until she said the judge presiding stated:

“We have you on a recorded conversation admitting that you had HIV since 2002.”

Continuing onto a second post, Burgess-Benson further explains the role her mother-in-law had in trying to warn her of his virus, in addition to other faulty qualities.

In addition, she says once she spoke out, others who had slept with her husband began to come forward, like another woman who he’d infected while his wife was pregnant.

As a result of his doings, there were allegedly 100 others in the Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina who were possibly exposed or infected.

Concluding her posts, Burgess-Benson admits her “biggest regret is not seeing the results,” and simply wishes for others to stay aware and get tested.


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