Baby found dead in car after grandmother thought she’d dropped her off at nursery


A four-month-old infant has died after being forgotten inside a hot car by her grandma.

The incident happened in Oklahoma, United States of America, happened after the grandma thought the baby had been dropped off at the daycare.
“She apparently had thought that she dropped off the child in the morning, which she had not,” Mark Opgrande, a spokesman with the Oklahoma County sheriff’s office told KFOR news channel.

“After she got off work, she drove back to Luther to stop by the child care centre.
“They informed her that she did not drop off the child and they went, proceeded to look for the child inside the daycare. They couldn’t find her. That’s when they went out to the vehicle, and then discovered her outside in the back of the car. She was deceased.”
The grandmother,is still being interviewed by police investigators at the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office before being sent to the attorney’s office.

“She’s being questioned, she’s obviously distraught, this is a tragic situation and that’s why we remind parents all the time. It’s hot out and things like this aren’t supposed to happen, but they do.”

The grandmother has custody of the baby. No charges have so far been filed.



Source: Yahoo News

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