Teenage rapist jailed for more than nine years after brutally attacking woman in street

A rapist has been jailed for more than nine years after he brutally attacked a woman as she walked home from a night out.

Derrick Mutambuka spotted the female in a street in Sunderland city centre in the early hours of the morning and dragged her into an alleyway before violently raping her.

Newcastle Crown Court was told the woman’s screams caught the attention of a passing male, who tried to stop the attack, but was himself assaulted by Mutambuka and forced to back away,The Chronicle Live reports.

Prosecutors said the twisted pervert then continued with the sickening rape before another male intervened and chased him away.

The victim was left extremely traumatised and suffered 34 injuries, including abrasions, cuts and reddening, as a result of the vile attack.

Now, Mutambuka, 18, has been jailed for nine years and nine months after being found guilty after trial of one count of rape, one of sexual assault and two counts of common assault.

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