Photos/Video: Chinese company forces employees who underperform to drink toilet water

A video has emerged of employees being forced to drink toilet water as punishment for under-performance at work in China.
A man and a woman were filmed drinking the toilet water with great hesitation at a photography studio in Guang’an, a city in eastern Sichuan province.
In the stomach-turning video, a male employee first stoops down and very unenthusiastically scoops water from the toilet bowl into a cup before begrudgingly drinking the liquid.

The woman looks as if she is about to cry as she hesitates before putting another glass of toilet water to her lips and drinking it.
A female worker later complained that she suffered from diarrhea after the punishment and couldn’t even eat rice without wanting to throw up, the Beijing News reports.


Police have now arrested an individual in connection with the incident.
The video was uploaded to the employees’ WeChat group before it was leaked and quickly spread online.
A manager at the company claims that the video was not recorded at the company, but merely disseminated on the social media group as a way of “motivating” staff to work harder, The Shangaiist reports.



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