Model held hostage and put up for auction online after being kidnapped

A British model was kidnapped and put up for auction online after she was tricked into attending a fake photoshoot, police in Italy have said.

The 20-year-old, who has not been named, allegedly flew over to Milan from Paris to attend the shoot after being told to by her UK agent.
However on arrival in July, she was reportedly drugged with Ketamine and held prisoner in an abandoned office building for a week.

She was then allegedly placed on the internet by Lukasz Herba, 30, who is described as British-Polish, and put up for sale for €300,000 (£270,000), police said.
While holding her hostage, Herba reportedly demanded around £45,000 (€50,000) from her if she wished to be freed.

According to The Sun, the captor threatened to kill the woman if she told police what had happened.
She was later released ‘because she was a mother with a young child’.
Herba, who is believed to live in the West Midlands, said to the model, according to Corriere della Sera: ‘You have a two-year-old child and our rules exclude mothers.’
He was arrested by police after being caught taking the model to the British Consulate in Milan.

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