Meet the Dutch plus-size model Gigi Hadid look alike


Iza IJzerman, 22, a plus-size model and blogger living in Netherlands, has been causing a bit of commotion on social media for her startling resemblance to the elder of the Hadid sisters.
The Dutch model is the star of the ads for inclusive swimwear brand Alpine Butterfly, and it’s easy to see why she caught the eye of industry influencers.

The blonde beauty boasts full lips, high eyebrow arches and a delicate nose that will look familiar to anyone who keeps up with modern fashion and reality TV.
Gigi herself is half Dutch through her mother Yolanda Hadid, who was born in Papendrecht, Netherlands, which could possibly be a contributing factor. She and Iza are also the same age.
It also helps that Iza is a big fan of several of the same Instagram poses as Gigi – with a particular affinity for sunglasses pushed halfway down her nose

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