Pics: How the late Princess Diana made swimsuits sexy

 In the sun, openly swimming, exercising, playing around, laughing and flexing her sensationally long legs, this was a whole other side of  late Princess Diana: the side that made her look sexy and feel young, happy and healthy. Indeed, she personifies the athletic, ‘real-body’ physique that has become today’s ideal.
Diana Spencer was a sporty schoolgirl. She won swimming and diving cups, played tennis and adored ballet, as photos of her in a leotard and pointe shoes in the garden at Althorp show.

When she grew up and married, those interests stayed with her. In the late Eighties, she’d swim 20 lengths every morning, often in the Buckingham Palace pool. She worked out with a trainer, first at the BiMAL sports therapy gym in Chiswick, West London, in the mid to late-Eighties, and later at the Chelsea Harbour Club, where her daily regimen involved lifting weights.
The many summer holiday pictures show Diana in her swimsuits, stunningly at ease with the way she looked on beaches and yachts.
On that last cruise with Dodi Fayed, she surely must have been aware of the cameras.




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