Boy, 16, dies after drinking liquid meth in ‘attempt to prove it was apple juice’

A teen drug mule died after drinking liquid meth in front of smiling border patrol officers ‘to convince them it was apple juice’.

Schoolboy Cruz Velazquez, from Mexico, was filmed sipping the highly-toxic drug after being stopped at US customs.

It only took a few small mouthfuls of the deadly drink before the 16-year-old began screaming in pain.

In a matter of minutes his muscles began to violently contract and he collapsed on the floor.

The young man shrieked “my heart”, “my sister”, and “my cousin” all in Spanish.Cruz was first taken into custody but was later taken to hospital, handcuffed to a trolley, and he died within two hours of the “massive overdose”.

Neither of the officers who were involved in the horrifying incident, Adrian Parellon and Valerie Baird, have been reprimanded or prosecuted.

It is thought one of Mexico’s well-known drug cartels provided the youngster with two bottles, having threatened to kill his sister if he did not cross the border.


Daily Mirror

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