Mel B set to relocate to the UK’ following bitter divorce from her ex husband


Mel B reportedly wants to relocate to the UK following her bitter divorce battle from ex husband Stephen Belafonte. The former Spice Girl’s split from husband Stephen Belafonte has been a messy affair, comprising abuse allegations, restraining orders and most recently alleged forced payments.

Following all the tribulations, Mel B now reportedly wants to move back to the UK full time to start a fresh break following the divorce.
Speaking to The Sun, a source said: ‘This divorce battle has been exhausting and humiliating for Mel. It has placed a huge strain on her.

‘And she has decided that when the whole thing is finally over, she wants to relocate to the UK so she can start again.’

Mel is reportedly looking for properties around Surrey, while also looking at getting a place in the North where she can be near family.

The explosive divorce battle began back in March, where she claimed her husband got the couples’ nanny Lorraine Gilles pregnant during an affair. Mel has since been forced to pay Stephen £30,500 a month in spousal support, leaving Mel’s mother outraged.

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